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University Employee Engagement Survey

Administered by the University’s Institute for Organizational Excellence, the Employee Engagement Survey assists leadership by providing information about work force issues that impact the quality of services ultimately delivered to all customers of the University. By providing information about employee perception of the effectiveness of the University and employee engagement, the Survey helps us better understand the issues impeding employee performance. A necessary element in strategic planning, the Survey can help build organizational effectiveness by actively engaging employees in a continuous process of organizational improvement.  To date, the Survey has been administered twice, once in 2012 and again in 2014.

The 2017 Survey

The 2017 Survey will be released to employees on April 17 by the Institute for Organizational Excellence. By taking this confidential survey, you will provide the University with valuable information that could directly influence future organizational improvement projects on the university and unit level. The survey will be open for three weeks, and can be taken during work hours. Employees will receive reminder emails during the three-week period to take the survey.

Employee Engagement Survey Steering Committee

An Employee Engagement Survey Steering Committee has been formed with representatives nominated from each College, School, and Unit (CSU) by their Dean or Vice President. Steering Committee representatives will be responsible for receiving the survey data related to their CSU. Members of Human Resources and the Institute for Organizational Excellence will assist representatives with interpreting and leveraging data in their units.

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Survey Results

The Survey assesses essential and fundamental aspects of how the organization functions, the climate, potential barriers to improvement, and internal organizational strengths. Survey results are delivered on a scale of 0 to 500. Average scores for the Survey typically fall between 325 and 375. The Survey measures 14 areas that drive organizational performance and engagement. These areas include: Supervision, Team, Quality, Pay, Benefits, Physical Environment, Strategic, Diversity, Information Systems, Internal Communication, External Communication, Employee Engagement, Employee Development, and Job Satisfaction.

2017 Survey Results

Survey results will be distributed in June.

2014 Survey Results

visual gauge score

2012 Survey Results

visual gauge score