Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the Staff Service Awards program at The University of Texas at Austin. If you have a question about the program that is not addressed here, please contact the Staff Awards Team.

What does Service Awards mean to me?

Now is the time of year to count up how many years you have worked for the university. If you have worked at the university for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or even 50 years, in an eligible position, you are eligible to receive a certificate and lapel pin from Human Resources.

When and where do I get my certificate and my lapel pin?

Your certificate and lapel pin are presented to you by your department. If you are receiving an award of 30 years or above, your certificate and lapel pin will be presented to you at The President's Staff Awards ceremony.

What do I need to do to help ensure my time is counted correctly or if I feel I should be receiving an award?

Work with your HR Contact in your department and that person may contact the Staff Awards Team if any changes need to be made.

Why does it look like my State Service time and my Service Awards time don't match?

Service Awards time is calculated differently than State Service time. It is a very common occurrence to have a difference. The difference is often due to time in a student position or an under 50% appointment, both count towards State Service but not Service Award time.

Why does it look like my Retirement Service time accrued and my Service Awards time don't match?

Service Awards time is calculated differently than Retirement time. It is a very common occurrence to have a difference.

How are Service Awards, State Service, and Retirement Service times calculated?

Please see the following Service Comparison table.

Type of Service Who is Eligible What Service is Eligible Service Calculation Method Information Contact Purpose
State Service All employees, including faculty, staff and student employees regardless of the percent time appointed. Includes service with all Texas state agencies and institutions of higher education. Actual months and days appointed. HRSC Employee Records Services

Determines annual leave accrual, refer toAnnual Leave Policy.

Determines rate of longevity pay, refer to Longevity Pay Policy.

Service Awards

Classified and Administrative and Professional (A&P) staff appointed at least 20 hours per week in an eligible position.

Current Faculty members who hold an active staff job title of at least 20 hours or more per week and have accumulated at least 10 years of staff service time.

Service with any University of Texas component prior to 9-1-01 is included. Only University of Texas at Austin service is included if earned 9-1-01 or later.

One month of service is given for each month or fraction of a month of an active appointment in an eligible title. Eligible service is computed through May 31 of the award year.

Time in student titles do not count towards Service Award time.

HR Staff Awards Team University-wide recognition through the annual Service Awards Program, refer to Service Recognition Policy.
Retirement Service Benefits eligible employees. Only service in a benefit eligible position for which a contribution to a retirement system was made. Contact the specific retirement system for details. Dependent upon participation in Teacher Retirement System or Optional Retirement Program.

Teacher Retirement System of Texas


Optional Retirement Program

Access to retirement programs available through the Teacher Retirement System or the Optional Retirement Program.

Retiree insurance eligibility for employee and eligible dependents.

If you have a question about State Service that does not relate to Service Awards, please call Employee Records at 512-471-5127. If you have a question about retirement service that does not relate to Service awards, please call the Human Resource Service Center at 512-471-HRSC (4772).