Staff Service Awards
2016 Recipient List

Following is the list of 2016 Staff Service Award recipients. Recipients were honored at The President's Staff Awards on Friday May 13, 2016, 10 a.m. - noon in the LBJ Auditorium.

For more information on the awards program, eligibility, etc., please see Service Awards Home. All questions should be directed to the HR contact.

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Last Name First Name Year Department
AcostaGilberto15Division of Housing & Food Service
Acton Gayle J.20School of Nursing
Adams Danette D.30College of Pharmacy
Adcock Zachary C.10Facilities Services
Adelman Beverley E.30Applied Research Laboratories
Adepoju Adebanke A.10University Health Services
Aery Sharee A.30Institute for Fusion Studies
Aguirre Maria E.15Center for High Energy Density Science
Alejo Maria C.25Facilities Services
Alexander Celeste D.15Vice-President for Research
Alexander Kevin E.20Project Management & Construction Services
Allen Kaleb N.10Facilities Services
Allen William H.15Facilities Services
Altman-Kaough Murray25Cockrell School of Engineering
Alvarado Cruiz25Red McCombs School of Business College of Business Administration
Alvarado Luis G.25Facilities Services
Alvarez-Martinez Ana J.15Facilities Services
Amorous Stacey L.25Liberal Arts Honors Program
Andreasen Andrew C.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Aranda Cynthia L.25Office of the Dean of Students
Arko-Quick Patricia K.15Technology Resources
Armistead Sharon L.15Project Management & Construction Services
Arney Velma A.15Red McCombs School of Business College of Business Administration
Arnold Sally S.10University Charter School
Arredondo Urban W.15Office of the Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
Artiles-Ramirez Maira10Facilities Services
Ash William E.10Applied Research Laboratories
Ashe Paul15Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Ashley Gale F.35Bureau of Economic Geology
Austin Max E. Jr.20Institute for Fusion Studies
Averett Aaron10Bureau of Economic Geology

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HR Contact Information

All questions concerning The University of Texas at Austin Staff Service Awards Program should be directed to the Staff Awards Team.