Staff Service Awards
2017 Recipient List

Following is the list of 2017 Staff Service Award recipients. Recipients will be honored at The President's Staff Awards on Thursday April 20, 2017, at 10 a.m. - noon in the LBJ Auditorium.

For more information on the awards program, eligibility, etc., please see Service Awards Home. All questions should be directed to the HR contact.

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Last Name First Name Year Department
Babilya Nicole M.10Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Bailey Suzanne F.10Texas Advanced Computing Center
Baldwin Ryan S.20College of Education
Bangs Nathan L.25Institute for Geophysics
Banks Joel A.25Applied Research Laboratories
Bardo Angela M.10Department of Chemistry
Barlow Blake L.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Barnes Kevyn A.10Center for Transportation Research
Barron Mary J.20Division of Housing & Food Service
Barrow Donna M.10Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Bartel Paul10Red McCombs School of Business
Bartelt Amanda S.10University Development Office
Battles Kerri D.10Admin Systems Modernization Program
Baughman James C.25Applied Research Laboratories
Baughman Rebecca L.10Office of the President
Beard Paula B.15Bureau of Economic Geology
Bearden Carole A.30Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Becerra Juana G.10Facilities Services
Bedia Esmeralda10College of Liberal Arts
Belasquez David A.10Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Special Events Center
Belay Nesanet G.20Division of Housing & Food Service
Benavides Vivian O.25University Police Department
Benham Beverly E.15Bureau of Economic Geology
Bennett Nancy J.10School of Law
Bennett Waylon M.15Red McCombs School of Business
Beranek Lana R.15McDonald Observatory
Bernal Alejandra10Department of Computer Science
Bernard D. J.20Cockrell School of Engineering
Berry Denise D.20Department of Mathematics
Bertelsen Michelle M.10Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Betancourt Jennifer L.20Department Communication Studies
Bickford Douglas E.20Red McCombs School of Business
Bienemann Margaret A.40University of Texas Libraries
Bigham Axel15Applied Research Laboratories
Birdett Darrell S.25University Police Department
Blanco Armando O.10Project Management & Construction Services
Blankenship Donald D.25Institute for Geophysics
Blasa Charlie R.10Facilities Services
Blue Jeffrey M.15Document Solutions
Boggan Philip T.20Red McCombs School of Business
Bolles David J.15ITS Systems
Boney Jeff15Department of Physics
Bonner Charles R.25Facilities Services
Bourland David B.15University Development Office
Boutz Daniel R.10Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology
Boyd Geoffrey A.10Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Bradford-Reid Nancy25Air Force Science
Brady Ruth H.25School of Nursing
Brahm Steven W.15Center for Electromechanics
BraleyDavid B. Jr.15Center for Transportation Research
Brand Carlton A.10Parking and Transportation Services
Brandt Russell F.10Applied Research Laboratories
Branigan Angela M.15International Office
Brazzil Nancy A.25Office of the President
Breckles Paul J.30Division of Housing & Food Service
Breithaupt Charles25University Interscholastic League
Breizman Boris25Institute for Fusion Studies
Breton Caroline L.15Bureau of Economic Geology
Brick Lynda L.10Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Bridges Amelia G.10College of Education
Brown Gwendolyn R.10Division of Housing & Food Service
Brown Maureen K.10Office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs
Brown Susan M.25College of Natural Sciences
Brown Terri P.10Utilities and Energy Management
Brown Yvette D.25Red McCombs School of Business
Broz Phyllis L.20Institute for Public School Initiatives
Bruegging Terry A.10McDonald Observatory
Bryce Christine E.15Department of French and Italian
Brzozowski Tracy L.10University Health Services
BuckleyLinda E.10ITS University Data Center
Bullock James O.20ITS Systems
Bunch Debra Ellen15Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Burke Charmarie C.15College of Pharmacy
Burlingham Merry L.40University of Texas Libraries
Burnett Rebecca M.10Applied Research Laboratories
Burns Samuel A.10School of Information
Burr James M.20University of Texas Press
Busby James K.20University Interscholastic League
Bush Amy C.15Department of Computer Science
Butler Philip L.10College of Liberal Arts
Buttles James L.10Department of Geological Sciences

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HR Contact Information

All questions concerning The University of Texas at Austin Staff Service Awards Program should be directed to the Staff Awards Team.