Staff Service Awards
2018 Recipient List

Following is the list of 2018 Staff Service Award recipients. Recipients were honored at The President's Staff Awards on Thursday April 19, 2018, at 10 a.m. - Noon in the LBJ Auditorium.

For more information on the awards program, eligibility, etc., please see Service Awards Home. All questions should be directed to the HR contact.

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Last Name First Name Year Department
Cabrera Erik10College of Fine Arts
Cakic Tihomir15Center for Perceptual Systems
Calderon Jorge R.10University Housing & Dining
Calkins Trina M.10Office of the Registrar
Camarillo Melissa A.10Workday Implementation Program
Campbell Andrew M.25Applied Research Laboratories
Campbell Ian R.15Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Campos Guillermina S.15Facilities Services
Canevaro Ana M.15Texas Center for Disability Studies
Cantrell Tommy D.25Red McCombs School of Business
Cantu Daniel C.10ITS Networking
Cardenas David10Facilities Services
Carlson Alan E.10University Housing & Dining
Carney Kevin F.15Department of Economics
Carrasco Agustin15Project Management & Construction Services
Carter Keith R.45Institute for Fusion Studies
Carter Ray C.20University Housing & Dining
Carter Trent J.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Casanova Reynaldo Jr.15Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Castillo Julian30Facilities Services
Castillo Victorino G. Jr.10Document Solutions
Castro Alfonso20Facilities Services
Castro John R.15Utilities and Energy Management
Celio Hugo15Texas Materials Institute
Chamberlain Jessica R.10Cockrell School of Engineering
Chao Yueh-Shwu20University of Texas Libraries
Chapa Julian25College of Education
Chaudhuri Dipto10Red McCombs School of Business
Chen Sylvia W.10Counseling and Mental Health Center
Cheng Minkang30Center for Space Research
Cho Eun J.15College of Pharmacy
Chung-Cantrell Le Na30Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Cianciolo Frank W. Jr.25McDonald Observatory
Clare Mary F.20Iq - Information Quest
Clark Steven D.15Applied Research Laboratories
Cody Patricia A.10Office of the Associate Dean for Research
Coffee Vicky L.10Hogg Foundation
Cofield Melanie C.10University of Texas Libraries
Cohen Katie J.10Texas Advanced Computing Center
Colbert Matthew W.20Department of Geological Sciences
Cole Carl K.20Center for Agile Technology
Coleman Carolyn V.15Financial Affairs
Collins Edward W.40Bureau of Economic Geology
Collins Gloria C.15Parking and Transportation Services
Conradt Addie J.40Intercollegiate Athletics
Constant Lauren K.10Institute for Computational Engineering and Science
Contreras Herminia N.25Applied Research Laboratories
Cook Brandon L.15Business and Financial Services
Cook Heather D.10Charles A. Dana Center for Science and Mathematics Education
Cook Lawrence J.10Parking and Transportation Services
Cook Steven L.15University Unions
Cooks Stacie D.15Department of Population Health
Copeland John L.25Applied Research Laboratories
Correa Luciano L.15Geology Foundation
Costa Richard L.10Project Management & Construction Services
Costello Benjamin10Department of Physics
Courtney Charles R.10Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life
Cox David C.15Moody College of Communication
Craighead Sarah E.10Office of Financial Aid
Crawford Mary E.10Moody College of Communication
Crews Russell D.15Utilities and Energy Management
Crim Reggie W.10Cockrell School of Engineering
Crump Guyanne10Parking and Transportation Services
Cullen Kyle M.10Applied Research Laboratories
Cummins David C.20Applied Research Laboratories
Cummins Lane A.15Applied Research Laboratories
Cunningham Aubrey M.10Department of Religious Studies
Cuplin Katie A.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Cutrone James15College of Education

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HR Contact Information

All questions concerning The University of Texas at Austin Staff Service Awards Program should be directed to the Staff Awards Team.