Staff Service Awards
2017 Recipient List

Following is the list of 2017 Staff Service Award recipients. Recipients will be honored at The President's Staff Awards on Thursday April 20, 2017, at 10 a.m. - noon in the LBJ Auditorium.

For more information on the awards program, eligibility, etc., please see Service Awards Home. All questions should be directed to the HR contact.

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Last Name First Name Year Department
Macfarlane James M.10Applied Research Laboratories
Macha Olga10Meadows Center and Vaughn Gross Center
MaciasRemigio R. Jr.10University Development Office
Mack Roy L.15Facilities Services
Mackenzie Adrienne L.10Division of Recreational Sports
MacQueenPhillip J.30McDonald Observatory
Maddox Mary B.15Office of the President
Mahometa Michael J.10Department of Statistics & Data Science
MahoneyJessica G.10College of Liberal Arts
Mailloux Lisa A.10Department of Spanish and Portuguese
MaillouxJennifer L.15Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Malak Michael R.10Texas Performing Arts
Maldonado Laura20Charles A. Dana Center for Science and Mathematics Education
MaldonadoJorge10Division of Housing & Food Service
Manor Trina M.15Office of Financial Aid
Mansfield Richard P.10Department of Art and Art History
MarchioneMollie10College of Natural Sciences
Marcum Tanya C.15ITS Customer Support Services
Marcus Joseph A.10Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Marcus Julie E.10Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Marr Minnette10Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Martin Dee-Deborah R.30College of Fine Arts
Martin Jerry N.30McDonald Observatory
Martin Todd15Department of Psychology
Martinez Leticia R.10Meadows Center and Vaughn Gross Center
Martinez Maria15Facilities Services
Martinez Victor E.10College of Liberal Arts
Massin Marla15School of Law
Mawdsley Scott10PRC Commons Building
Maxwell Jane C.15Office of the Associate Dean for Research
May Cynthia L.25Intercollegiate Athletics
May Paula A.15Applied Research Laboratories
McArthur Jean A.25Office of the Registrar
McBride Stephen L.20Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Special Events Center
McClain Jennifer M.20Admin Systems Modernization Program
McClellan Susan C.25Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center
McClenon Charles L.35Student Success Initiatives
McComas Jeffrey D.15Facilities Services
McConnell Maureen M.15KUT Radio
McCool Ilene L.35Applied Research Laboratories
McCord Janet M.40Texas Advanced Computing Center
McCord Jeffrey S.15KUT Radio
McCoy Kelly A.10Department of Physics
McCroddan Leslie A.10Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
McCurley Deborah A.25Applied Research Laboratories
McDonald Carrie K.10Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
McDonald Randy E.15Bureau of Economic Geology
McFarland Lisa A.30Applied Research Laboratories
McFarland Stephen M.30College of Natural Sciences
McGillicuddy Darcy E.15International Office
McIntosh Michael J.15Internal Audit
McKay Jacquelyn S.15Admin Systems Modernization Program
McKeever Sean P.10Jackson School of Geosciences
McKendree Alan D.25Academic Technology Support
McKibben Matthew R.10Dell Medical School
McKie Ellen E.30University of Texas Press
McNair Diane R.20Nascent
Mead Carol I.10Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Meckel Timothy A.10Bureau of Economic Geology
MehtaMonique Rodriguez10Red McCombs School of Business
Meier Melanie A.20Applied Research Laboratories
MenaFelipe M. Sr.10Facilities Services
Mendoza Celeste M.10College of Liberal Arts
Mendoza Nathan J.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Mey Alexandra R.15Molecular Biosciences
Meyer Kevin R.15McDonald Observatory
Milfeld Kent F.30Texas Advanced Computing Center
Miller Jessica E.10McDonald Observatory
Miller Lynda A.30Institute for Geophysics
Mills Venus N.30Marine Science Institute
MillstoneLinda H.40University Compliance Services
Minica Terry J.10Facilities Services
Minton James A.15Utilities and Energy Management
Minyard Tommy K.15Texas Advanced Computing Center
Miscoe Gary J.25Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Mitchell Alexandria A.10Office of Admissions
Mitcheltree Harold B.15Office of Telecommunication Services
Moderow Edward R.10Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Mokry Scott J.20Project Management & Construction Services
Molina Melissa15University of Texas Libraries
Monaco Janet M.25Nascent
Monson Lori L.10Office of Accounting
Montalvo Maricela G.10University of Texas Child Development Center
Moore Barry S.25University of Texas Libraries
Moore Frank10Office of Accounting
Moore Samuel L.15Geology Foundation
Moore Wendy15Center for Middle Eastern Studies
MooreJimmy L. Jr.15University Police Department
Moreno Jim G.15University Police Department
Moreno Jorge E.25Facilities Services
Moreno Pedro G.25University of Texas Libraries
Morgan Clint P.10Office of Accounting
Morgan Mary B.35University Development Office
Morrison Bruce J.20Center for Electromechanics
Morrissette Steven R.30Applied Research Laboratories
Mosley Rita K.15Procurement & Payment Services
Mota Elena V.20Office of Sponsored Projects
Moyer Marsha K.20School of Law
Muck David C.10Office of Admissions
Muller Mark B.15Center for Aeromechanics Research
Mulva Stephen P.10Construction Industry Institute
Munguia David15Facilities Services
Munoz Louis C.15University Interscholastic League
Murphy Clifton E.15Division of Recreational Sports
Murray James R.25Applied Research Laboratories
Muscato Paul D.15Parking and Transportation Services

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HR Contact Information

All questions concerning The University of Texas at Austin Staff Service Awards Program should be directed to the Staff Awards Team.