Staff Service Awards
2018 Recipient List

Following is the list of 2018 Staff Service Award recipients. Recipients were honored at The President's Staff Awards on Thursday April 19, 2018, at 10 a.m. - Noon in the LBJ Auditorium.

For more information on the awards program, eligibility, etc., please see Service Awards Home. All questions should be directed to the HR contact.

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Last Name First Name Year Department
SaathoffConnie35Red McCombs School of Business
Saenz Carlos10Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Sanchez Dawn M.15University Development Office
Sanchez Lorraine E.35Institute for Computational Engineering and Science
Sandoval Rodolfo D.10University Housing & Dining
Santos Richard C.35Department of Chemical Engineering
Sassani Ashley N.10International Office
Saustrup Steffen30Institute for Geophysics
Scanlon Bridget R.30Bureau of Economic Geology
Schaack Peter D.30Division of Recreational Sports
Schlather Wesley R.15University Police Department
Schneider Clint P.20Office of Admissions
Schoelzel Steven E.10Utilities and Energy Management
Schoen Rachel M.15Texas Performing Arts
Schroeder Allan L.30Department of Physics
Schwadron Holly E.10Department of Rhetoric & Writing
Seaton David M.20Intercollegiate Athletics
Segovia Victor M.15Facilities Services
Seif Roustam20Institute for Geophysics
Senakarn Chatrapol10Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Seth Akhil15Texas Advanced Computing Center
Shelby Jerold A.40Applied Research Laboratories
Sherrard Tera K.10Department of Psychology
Shrull James P.10Utilities and Energy Management
Sidopulos Rachel M.10School of Law
Sigler Danielle B.10Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center
Sikes Elisabeth A.10University Interscholastic League
Siles Melida D.10Facilities Services
Silva Jessica E.10College of Education
Simmons-Ochoa Paul10Applied Research Laboratories
Simms Brenda E.10Texas Performing Arts
Sinn Jessica E.10Div. of Diversity & Community Engagement
Sladcik Jeffrey G.10University Unions
Slaughter Robert E.10Red McCombs School of Business
Smith Kimberly Ann35Office of Admissions
Smith Susan E.10Texas Parents Association
Smith-Brooke Lisa A.10University Development Office
Smitherman James D. Jr.20Cockrell School of Engineering
Snead Jesse B.10Texas Advanced Computing Center
Snow Gregory P.15Applied Research Laboratories
Snow Sarah G.10College of Fine Arts
Sobeck Mary S.30Applied Research Laboratories
Solano Nelson V.15Facilities Services
Solis Christopher J.10Counseling and Mental Health Center
Somabhatta Saraswathy V.20Texas Extended Campus
Sorelle-Miner Danielle A.10Meadows Center and Vaughn Gross Center
Sosler Joseph M.35College of Pharmacy
Sova Lisa R.15Division of Recreational Sports
Sparks Lee E.20Department of Radio Television Film
Spencer Patricia E.25Department of Computer Science
Stacy Catherine A.20Department of Psychiatry
Stafford Stewart C.10Institute for Computational Engineering and Science
Staley Josh T.10Applied Research Laboratories
Stanley Antoinette L.30College of Education
Steadman David15College of Natural Sciences
Steelman Mary A.20Department of Chemistry
Steiner Cynthia L.10Institute for Computational Engineering and Science
Steinfeld ChildreNathalie10Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning
Stickney Stephanie10Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Stidham William15University Interscholastic League
Stone Jennifer L.10Red McCombs School of Business
Stone Matthew A.10Inst Reporting, Research & Info Systems
Stork Jimmy L.35Applied Research Laboratories
Strickland George V.15University Interscholastic League
Stroehle Patrick N.10Project 2021 and Educational Innovation
Stromberger Clayton W.15Department of English
Stubbs Joseph F.10Texas Advanced Computing Center
StuessyWendy L.15Department of Radio Television Film
Sugden David15Document Solutions
Sumner Diane H.25ITS Customer Support Services
Svehlak Darrin J.15Applied Research Laboratories
Swinnea John S.35Department of Chemical Engineering
Syed Kamela V.10Department of Psychiatry

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HR Contact Information

All questions concerning The University of Texas at Austin Staff Service Awards Program should be directed to the Staff Awards Team.