Staff Service Awards
2017 Recipient List

Following is the list of 2017 Staff Service Award recipients. Recipients were honored at The President's Staff Awards on Thursday April 20, 2017, at 10 a.m. - Noon in the LBJ Auditorium.

For more information on the awards program, eligibility, etc., please see Service Awards Home. All questions should be directed to the HR contact.

Last Name First Name Year Department
Abbott Phaedra W.15School of Undergraduate Studies
Alvarado Margaret C.15University of Texas Libraries
Alvarez De Araya Hector15University of Texas Libraries
Andersen James A.15Facilities Services
Anderson Molly K.15PRC Commons Building
Arteaga Froylan M.15Facilities Services
Beard Paula B.15Bureau of Economic Geology
Benham Beverly E.15Bureau of Economic Geology
Bennett Waylon M.15Red McCombs School of Business
Beranek Lana R.15McDonald Observatory
Bigham Axel15Applied Research Laboratories
Blue Jeffrey M.15Document Solutions
Bolles David J.15ITS Systems
Boney Jeff15Department of Physics
Bourland David B.15University Development Office
Brahm Steven W.15Center for Electromechanics
BraleyDavid B. Jr.15Center for Transportation Research
Branigan Angela M.15International Office
Breton Caroline L.15Bureau of Economic Geology
Bryce Christine E.15Department of French and Italian
Bunch Debra Ellen15Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Burke Charmarie C.15College of Pharmacy
Bush Amy C.15Department of Computer Science
Caffesse Nadia C.15College of Liberal Arts
Cantwell Emma D.15McDonald Observatory
Cargo Arron T.15Applied Research Laboratories
Castillo-Flores Janie C.15Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations
Cazares Jose G.15University Unions
Chapman Benjamin G.15Technology Resources
Chapman Lynne15University of Texas Press
Chavarria Ricardo L.15Facilities Services
Choi Monica15Cockrell School of Engineering
Clark Kyle15Student Success Initiatives
Classen Wade A.15School of Law
Contreras John P.15Facilities Services
Contreras Rosa I.15Facilities Services
Cronk David O.15Facilities Services
Croslin John W.15School of Undergraduate Studies
Cross Robert J.15KUT Radio
Crumpley Jeffery F.15Department of Educational Administration
Dahl Pamela B.15Cockrell School of Engineering
Davis Jaime K.15University Compliance Services
Davis Marcy B.15Institute for Geophysics
Davis Samantha J.15Red McCombs School of Business
Day Christopher15Applied Research Laboratories
Decker Kevan M.15Utilities and Energy Management
Del Rio Pedro15Division of Housing & Food Service
Delaney Dennis J.15Parking and Transportation Services
Deleon Michael15Project 2021 and Educational Innovation
Diaz Maria S.15Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Didonato David L.15University Development Office
Dignum Stanley E.15Marine Science Institute
Dillman Mary J.15College of Liberal Arts
Dillon Andrew P.15School of Information
Donahue Emily15KUT Radio
Donlan Nicole A.15Department of Psychology
Duson Nicole M.15Office of the Associate Dean for Research
EarlyJeffrey A.15Center for STEM Education
Edwards Sylvia A.15School of Journalism
Endl Michael15McDonald Observatory
Ernst Frank A.15Marine Science Institute
Escareno Daniel15Office of Sponsored Projects
Esslinger Mark A.15Center for Agile Technology
Evans Kelsey S.15College of Natural Sciences
Evans Michelle N.15Jackson School of Geosciences
Figg John C.15Parking and Transportation Services
FletcherCarol L.15Center for STEM Education
Folan Amy G.15Intercollegiate Athletics
Freeman Deborah K.15School of Law
Fulton Chad J.15Project 2021 and Educational Innovation
Gaither Kelly P.15Texas Advanced Computing Center
Gao Lei15Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Garcia Melissa L.15Bureau of Economic Geology
GarciaFidel Jr.15Facilities Services
Gerstenberg William Eric15Office of Accounting
Gholston Cassandra K.15Department of Theatre and Dance
Graves Jeffery L.15Vice President for Legal Affairs
Gray David K.15Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Green Katherine A.15Div. of Diversity & Community Engagement
Green Robyn S.15Project Management & Construction Services
Grotevant Paul F.15ITS Applications
Grugett George B.15University Health Services
Guevara Luis V.15Center for Mexican American Studies
Gunter Cliona D.15Applied Research Laboratories
Guzman Peter15College of Natural Sciences
Hall Ronda15College of Natural Sciences
Hammock Emerson Cody15Texas Advanced Computing Center
Hamrick David S.15University of Texas Press
Haynes Darrell O.15Bureau of Economic Geology
Heath Robert D.15Dell Pediatric Research Institute
Hebert Phillip15Population Research Center
Hemenway Mark J.15College of Natural Sciences
Hernandez Norma V.15College of Natural Sciences
Hill Margaret K.15School of Nursing
Hill Sarah L.15Univ Op-Communications
Hinojosa-GalvanStephanie15Red McCombs School of Business
Hotopp Kristen L.15Department of Economics
Hudson Scott V.15School of Nursing
Huff Daniel E.15Applied Research Laboratories
Isakson Marcia15Applied Research Laboratories
Jaeger Phillip15Intercollegiate Athletics
Jaimes Carlos15Facilities Services
Jones Harris Kristen E.15College of Liberal Arts
Jordan Jennifer L.15Jackson School of Geosciences
Kao Lew Linda Y.15Department of Neuroscience
Karger Matthew E.15Applied Research Laboratories
Keene Elizabeth H.15Technology Resources
Kobasic Olga D.15Facilities Services
Kraft Susanne U.15Moody College of Communication
Kyser Matthew A.15Academic Technology Support
Le Minh V.15Facilities Services
LedezmaKeri 15Department of Accounting
Lee Derek A.15Red McCombs School of Business
Liu Yung-Nan15College of Pharmacy
Longuil Steven15ITS University Data Center
Loontjer Garrett G.15School of Architecture
Mack Roy L.15Facilities Services
Maddox Mary B.15Office of the President
MaillouxJennifer L.15Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies
Manor Trina M.15Office of Financial Aid
Marcum Tanya C.15ITS Customer Support Services
Martin Todd15Department of Psychology
Martinez Maria15Facilities Services
Massin Marla15School of Law
Maxwell Jane C.15Office of the Associate Dean for Research
May Paula A.15Applied Research Laboratories
McComas Jeffrey D.15Facilities Services
McConnell Maureen M.15KUT Radio
McCord Jeffrey S.15KUT Radio
McDonald Randy E.15Bureau of Economic Geology
McGillicuddy Darcy E.15International Office
McIntosh Michael J.15Internal Audit
McKay Jacquelyn S.15Admin Systems Modernization Program
Mey Alexandra R.15Molecular Biosciences
Meyer Kevin R.15McDonald Observatory
Minton James A.15Utilities and Energy Management
Minyard Tommy K.15Texas Advanced Computing Center
Mitcheltree Harold B.15Office of Telecommunication Services
Molina Melissa15University of Texas Libraries
Moore Samuel L.15Geology Foundation
Moore Wendy15Center for Middle Eastern Studies
MooreJimmy L. Jr.15University Police Department
Moreno Jim G.15University Police Department
Mosley Rita K.15Procurement & Payment Services
Muller Mark B.15Center for Aeromechanics Research
Munguia David15Facilities Services
Munoz Louis C.15University Interscholastic League
Murphy Clifton E.15Division of Recreational Sports
Muscato Paul D.15Parking and Transportation Services
Nassor Kamardine15School of Information
Nicot Jean Philippe15Bureau of Economic Geology
Nodler John E.15Center for Electromechanics
Nooner Helen M.15Office of Graduate Studies
O'Hare Sheilagh M.15Office of Accounting
Olson Hilary C.15Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Pang Yefei15Marine Science Institute
Papoulas Ophelia15Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology
Pennington William S.15Environmental Health and Safety
Perez Anita M.15Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Peterson Carin E.15Environmental Health and Safety
Pettit Lana L.15Office of the Associate Dean for Research
Philpott James B.15KUT Radio
Pollard Benjamin B.15ITS Networking
Ponce-Carson Sylvia15KUT Radio
Poplawski Stacy R.15University of Texas Libraries
Porter Carolyn15McDonald Observatory
Prieto Mary L.15University Unions
Pryor Mitchell W.15Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory
Quiroz Richard J.15Parking and Transportation Services
Radke Tina M.15Cockrell School of Engineering
Ragland Jason M.15Information Security Office
Ramirez Reinaldo C.15Facilities Services
Rapstine Benjamin J.15Department of Linguistics
Ratliff Remi Abbott15School of Law
Read Vicki L.15School of Law
Reid Teresa W.15Applied Research Laboratories
Reza Jesus15Division of Housing & Food Service
Richards Kristin M.15College of Pharmacy
Rieck Rickie15Facilities Services
Risser Patricia M.15Texas Performing Arts
Rodriguez Laura J.15Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Roquemore Jeannette B.15Law Library
Royer Joan L.15ITS Networking
Ruckel Jeffrey K.15Applied Research Laboratories
Russell James15ITS Systems
Rutherford Matthew E.15Intercollegiate Athletics
Salas Maria E.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Sanchez Jania15Facilities Services
Sanchez Ramiro15Division of Housing & Food Service
Sawyer Michael A.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Scaruffi Louis F.15Admin Systems Modernization Program
Schwartz Erik C.15Iq - Information Quest
SernaVincent Jr.15Document Solutions
Sherman Glenda J.15Information Technology Services
Shockley Carmen L.15Executive Vice President & Provost
Silva Marc A.15Department of Art and Art History
Smit Andre D.15Center for Transportation Research
Smith Charles O.15Parking and Transportation Services
Smuts Regina A.15Department of Special Education
Sproul-Parrott Etta D.15McDonald Observatory
Stahnke Kevin15Office of the Registrar
Staten Deborah K.15University Police Department
Stephenson Gregory M.15University Police Department
Stewart Graham L.15Applied Research Laboratories
Stewart Jefferson P.15Inst Reporting, Research & Info Systems
Stewart Sue A.15Technology Resources
Stock Robert J.15University Police Department
Stone Jason R.15Applied Research Laboratories
Stratton Denzel R.15Facilities Services
Stubblefield John R.15Facilities Services
Su Thanh T.15Facilities Services
SullivanApryl L.15Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center
Sy Courtney A.15College of Liberal Arts
TamezLeonardo Jr.15Facilities Services
Thompson Cynthia P.15Center for Learning & Memory
Tomlinson Stephanie A.15Biomedical Engineering
Tothero Kenneth D.15Center for Professional Education
Tovar Daniel E.15Project Management & Construction Services
Tran Duc V.15Facilities Services
Tran Vien Le15Facilities Services
Trevino-Frias Manuel15Center for Transportation Research
Tucker Carolyn G.15Counseling and Mental Health Center
Van Avendonk Harm J.15Institute for Geophysics
Vargas Eusebia15University of Texas High School
Vazquez Edwin15Division of Housing & Food Service
Vela Ricardo A.15University Development Office
Vijalapuram Jayashree15Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Villafuerte-D Maria E.15Facilities Services
Vincent Shannon K.15College of Pharmacy
Waiwaiole Evelyn N.15Department of Educational Administration
Wang Jason15ITS Networking
Wardell Douglas R.15Center for Electromechanics
Weberg Darcy L.15Texas Performing Arts
Whitten Brandy L.15University Health Services
Williams Janice V.15Student Success Initiatives
Williams Leigh Ashley S.15Center for Transportation Research
Wise Valerie A.15Texas Advanced Computing Center
Wise William J.15Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Woodruff George J.15Parking and Transportation Services
Wormington Helen M.15Div. of Diversity & Community Engagement
Worthington Michael S.15Center for Electromechanics
Wynn Anda K.15College of Pharmacy
Yanez Alejandro15University Police Department
Yeheyes Ayemro E.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Young Sarah Lyn Weidler15Texas Performing Arts
Zhao Chen15Molecular Biosciences
Ziegler Kenneth S.15Microelectronics Research Center

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HR Contact Information

All questions concerning The University of Texas at Austin Staff Service Awards Program should be directed to the Staff Awards Team.