Staff Service Awards
2016 Recipient List

Following is the list of 2016 Staff Service Award recipients. Recipients were honored at The President's Staff Awards on Friday May 13, 2016, 10 a.m. - noon in the LBJ Auditorium.

For more information on the awards program, eligibility, etc., please see Service Awards Home. All questions should be directed to the HR contact.

Last Name First Name Year Department
AcostaGilberto15Division of Housing & Food Service
Aguirre Maria E.15Center for High Energy Density Science
Alexander Celeste D.15Vice-President for Research
Allen William H.15Facilities Services
Alvarez-Martinez Ana J.15Facilities Services
Arko-Quick Patricia K.15Technology Resources
Armistead Sharon L.15Project Management & Construction Services
Arney Velma A.15Red McCombs School of Business College of Business Administration
Arredondo Urban W.15Office of the Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
Ashe Paul15Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Baker Teresa M.15International Office
Barber Mark15Office of Accounting
BarrickDarcy L.15School of Undergraduate Studies
Beasley Cameron D.15Information Security Office
Beene Sharon L.15University Health Services
Berry James B.15ITS Networking
Bhakta Neeta15University Health Services
Black Molly J.15College of Natural Sciences
Bockmon John H.15Applied Research Laboratories
Bogart Alicia15Associate Vice President Employee and Campus Services - Martinez
Bollich Wolfgang R.15Environmental Health and Safety
Borowicz Brian E.15School of Law
Bown Gregory C.15Applied Research Laboratories
Braggs Mary A.15Facilities Services
Broadway Michelle L.15Office of Graduate Studies
Brown Billye J.15School of Nursing
Brown Susan K.15College of Pharmacy
Brownson Chris B.15Counseling and Mental Health Center
Bullock Patricia M.15University Health Services
Bunkowski Bryan L.15Center for Electromechanics
Burnett Benjamin R.15College of Liberal Arts
Burns David A.15Red McCombs School of Business College of Business Administration
Bussey William S.15Texas Performing Arts
Cale Smedley B.15Parking and Transportation Services
Calfas Roy S.15Applied Research Laboratories
Cannon Jeffrey J.15ITS Networking
Carroll Michael J.15Document Solutions
Carter Edison J.15Applied Research Laboratories
Center Michael E.15Intercollegiate Athletics
Chandler Marc W.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Chandler Terrie L.15Department of Mechanical Engineering
Chang Ting-Benn15University of Texas Libraries
Chavez Goretty15Facilities Services
Chichester Anne E.15Department of Classics
Chimera Chris S.15Cockrell School of Engineering
Chlystek Elizabeth M.15Texas Performing Arts
Clements Joe M.15Applied Research Laboratories
Coast Jennifer M.15ITS Applications
Cole David J.15Office of the Registrar
Collins Molly G.15Construction Industry Institute
Conner Megan F.15College of Liberal Arts
Cooper Stephen A.15Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center
Cotrofeld Margaret R.15IC2 Institute
Cox Rhonda R.15Division of Recreational Sports
Crane Deborah M.15Cockrell School of Engineering
Crim Jena K.15Department of Educational Psychology
Dempster Douglas J.15College of Fine Arts
Denson Brian A.15Utilities and Energy Management
Desjardins Karen M.15Applied Research Laboratories
Dillingham Joseph S.15Facilities Services
Dockwiller David G.15Office of Sponsored Projects
Drummond Marietta15Department of Theatre and Dance
Duplantis Deborah F.15Construction Industry Institute
DuranAngela E.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Durham Thomas R.15Project Management & Construction Services
Edwards Kenny S.15Facilities Services
Elliott Jerritt K.15Intercollegiate Athletics
Ellis Gail15Applied Research Laboratories
Elsik Jennifer B.15University of Texas Libraries
Ernst Leslie M.15Office of the President
Escobedo Oscar L.15ITS Networking
Esquivel Refugio M.15Facilities Services
Fehlman Barbara L.15Office of the Registrar
Felder Lester J.15Project Management & Construction Services
Feliciano Ruben E.15Applied Research Laboratories
Ferraro Steve B.15Department of Mechanical Engineering
Fillip Dennis W.15Phil M. Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory
Finger Daniel H.15College of Natural Sciences
Fisher Brian O.15Facilities Services
Flaxbart Jenifer O.15University of Texas Libraries
Foreman Moira F.15Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Franks Richard15Facilities Services
Garcia Jennifer A.15Human Resources
Garza Regina A.15Human Resources
Gattozzi Angelo L.15Center for Electromechanics
Goan Robert L.15Applied Research Laboratories
Goltz Jason S.15Center for Learning & Memory
Goodwin Richard G.15Department of Physics
Govea Frankie R.15Facilities Services
Grier Victoria K.15Department of Mechanical Engineering
Guerra Erica M.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Gutierrez Julian F.15ITS Networking
Haby Clifford M.15Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Hairston Annette15UTeach Science Program
Hald Tinley A.15Executive Vice President & Provost
Hamilton Lisa J.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Hamilton Ronald D.15ITS Networking
Hancock Peter15School of Nursing
Hanna Heather M.15Admin Systems Modernization Program
Harkins Gerald R.15Campus Safety & Security
Harkins Susan C.15College of Natural Sciences
Harkrider Amanda R.15Technology Resources
Harrington Eden E.15School of Law
Harris III Samuel M.15College of Natural Sciences
Hartman Gilbert W.15University Police Department
Harvey Michael G.15School of Law
Hatcher Eric L.15Applied Research Laboratories
Hatley Adam R.15University of Texas Libraries
Head Maria E.15University of Texas Child Development Center
Hearn Clay S.15Center for Electromechanics
Hedemann Annette M.15Marine Science Institute
Hedstrom Janelle M.15University of Texas Libraries
Henderson Bryan R.15Applied Research Laboratories
Hendricks Devon L.15Intercollegiate Athletics
Henson James R.15Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Heredia Jesse15ITS Networking
Hernandez Alexis M.15Facilities Services
Heyden Douglas R.15Applied Research Laboratories
Hoggatt Brenda Jo15University of Texas Press
Holcomb Steve P.15Utilities and Energy Management
Hopkins Kristine L.15Population Research Center
Horowitz Edward D.15Office of Accounting
Horton Colleen L.15Hogg Foundation
Howard Jessica A.15ITS Networking
Hudec Michael R.15Bureau of Economic Geology
Hutson Joe D.15Moody College of Communication
Jackson Charles S.15Institute for Geophysics
James William J.15Microelectronics Research Center
Johnson Adrian N.15University of Texas Libraries
Johnson Rebecca A.15McDonald Observatory
Kawa Shannon M.15International Office
Kelble Ann E.15College of Liberal Arts
Kerkhoff Aaron J.15Applied Research Laboratories
Kidwell John M.15University of Texas Libraries
King Roxanne M.15University Police Department
King Samuel J.15ITS Customer Support Services
Knight Bobby M.15Biomedical Engineering
Kresl Emil F.15Human Resources
Kress Debra G.15Human Resources
Krhovjak Rachel C.15Document Solutions
Kruse David L.15Project Management & Construction Services
Kunze Graham C.15Red McCombs School of Business College of Business Administration
La Cour Brian15Applied Research Laboratories
Lam Ngoc T.15Center for Space Research
Lancz Jozsef15Utilities and Energy Management
Lavergne Gary M.15Office of Admissions
Lawnsby Jed A.15College of Fine Arts
Lee Richard15Law Library
Lenig Cathleen15Construction Industry Institute
Levy Roger E.15Texas University Affiliated Program
Lind Solitaire A.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Lister Richard E.15Facilities Services
Lomasney Kelly15Admin Systems Modernization Program
Longoria Alberto15Office of Accounting
Mabley Christina A.15Red McCombs School of Business College of Business Administration
Mabry Josephine L.15Red McCombs School of Business College of Business Administration
Machold Daniel J.15Department of Computer Science
Macias Fritch Laura I.15Red McCombs School of Business College of Business Administration
Mahler Alberto R.15Project Management & Construction Services
Mancillas Merced J.15Facilities Services
Mansolo Michelle S.15Cockrell School of Engineering
Marchock Lori A.15University of Texas Libraries
Mathey Lorrie A.15Executive Vice President & Provost
May Gina L.15Military Science (Army)
Mayott Robert H.15University Development Office
Mc Cook Margaret K.15Charles A. Dana Center for Science and Mathematics Education
McAlester Agnes L.15University of Texas Libraries
McArthur Rachel S.15University of Texas Libraries
McFarland Kenneth15University of Texas Libraries
McIntyre Patricia L.15University Unions
McQueary Kelly J.15Department of Chemical Engineering
Medina-Gutierrez Flavio15Facilities Services
Melton Jeff L.15Red McCombs School of Business College of Business Administration
Mendenhall Hawk T.15KUT Radio
Mendoza Elva N.15Facilities Services
Mercado Lorri A.15Office of Admissions
Miller Victoria A.15Business and Financial Services
Monk Michelle M.15Department of Radio Television Film
Monroe Steve L.15University Unions
Moutos-Lee Ellen M.15Div. of Diversity & Community Engagement
MunozAurora M.15Texas University Affiliated Program
Murphy-Smith Michele15Office of the Associate Dean for Research
Musick Marc A.15Department of Sociology
Nall Harold D.15ITS Networking
Naxera Lisa A.15Moody College of Communication
O'Bryan Sean15University of Texas Libraries
Odewahn Stephen C.15McDonald Observatory
Orrick Philip E.15Office of the Associate Dean for Research
Ortega Paul D. Jr.15Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ovalle Holly J.15University of Texas Libraries
Park Annette H.15Department of Government
Penaranda Eduardo R.15Facilities Services
Persoff Ethan15University of Texas Libraries
Person Maria D.15Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology
Phillips Veronica A.15Center for Professional Education
Pickett Ileene M.15Center for Space Research
Pierce Teresa I.15Intercollegiate Athletics
Pilgrim Alan R.15Center for Professional Education
Potter Eric C.15Bureau of Economic Geology
Pozos Angel15Petroleum Extension Services
PrattMaria G.15School of Undergraduate Studies
Queen Martha L.15Cockrell School of Engineering
Quinney Kelly C.15Department of Astronomy
Rahnamai Abbas15University Health Services
Ramirez Cesar15Division of Housing & Food Service
Ramirez Suzanne15University Health Services
Ray Kevin D.15University Unions
Remeny Leigh A.15Texas Performing Arts
Rentz Lynn Alice15Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Richter Thomas G.15Institute for Geophysics
Ries Judit Gyorgyey15Department of Astronomy
Rife Randy15Department of Chemical Engineering
Riley Lesley E.15College of Natural Sciences
Rivera Christopher R.15Technology Resources
Roberson Summer L.15Intercollegiate Athletics
Roberson Jr. Milton L.15Facilities Services
Rodriguez Annette T.15Parking and Transportation Services
Rodriguez Joyce A.15Applied Research Laboratories
Rodriguez Miguel A.15Air Force Science
Roeber Steve L.15Applied Research Laboratories
Rosenzweig Louise15Center for Transportation Research
Rucker Joshua T.15Red McCombs School of Business College of Business Administration
Ruiz Rogelio15Technology Resources
Russell Rodney T.15Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Sailer Michael15Utilities and Energy Management
Salazar Eric C.15Utilities and Energy Management
Saldana Natasha V.15Mexican American and Latina_o Studies
Salling Stacey15University of Texas Press
Samilpa Deborah M.15Construction Industry Institute
Sample Dawn Fay15Utilities and Energy Management
Sanchez Elizabeth R.15Facilities Services
Sanchez Michael V.15Facilities Services
Satterwhite Barbara J.15Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Saucedo Leslie P.15Payroll Services
Scannell John E.15Petroleum Extension Services
Scarborough Megan K.15University of Texas Libraries
Scarbrough Kent N.15Applied Research Laboratories
SchaeferJeannie15Meadows Center and Vaughn Gross Center
Schmitt Kyle15School of Law
Seago Cameron L.15Technology Resources
Sedlor Tina R.15Applied Research Laboratories
Selman Nathaniel V.15Department of Mechanical Engineering
Serpas Frank R. III15Texas Student Media
Shepardson Steven P.15Facilities Services
Simmons Chris S.15Institute for Computational Engineering and Science
Sinclair Luba K.15University of Texas Libraries
Sloane Bryan J.15Technology Resources
Smith Michael T.15International Office
Solberg Michele A.15Department of Rhetoric & Writing
Soriano Yolanda E.15Campus Safety & Security
Strain Rachel J.15ITS Applications
Strickland Katherine M.15University of Texas Libraries
Summers James W.15ITS Networking
Tamayo De Sanchez Maria15Facilities Services
Tasset Jason M.15Department of Accounting
Thai Tan T.15Department of Mathematics
Thomas Karon15Division of Housing & Food Service
Thomas Theresa C.15Moody College of Communication
Threadgill Susan G.15University Development Office
Todd Terry D.15Utilities and Energy Management
Tost Tania L.15Office of Sponsored Projects
Trevino Griselda E.15Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Tuttle Jennifer D.15Applied Research Laboratories
Vacek Heather A.15Intercollegiate Athletics
Vallejo Alice M.15School of Nursing
Vega Daniel A.15School of Law
Velasquez Frank R.15Facilities Services
WakemanElana B.15Moody College of Communication
Waldman Katalin V.15UTeach Science Program
Weisbrodt Karen Z.15Office of Accounting
Weldon Rhonda R.15Univ Op-Communications
Wells Gordon L.15Center for Space Research
Wenzel Keith C.15Facilities Services
Wenzel Sarah E.15Charles A. Dana Center for Science and Mathematics Education
Wilemon Terry B.15McDonald Observatory
Willmann Travis M.15University of Texas Libraries
Womack Brian W.15Intercollegiate Athletics
Wood John C.15University Police Department
Wusterhausen Michael P.15University Police Department
Yeo Jonathan A.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Yudichak Thomas15Applied Research Laboratories
Zagar Joe R.15Applied Research Laboratories
Zarate Gabino J.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Zheng Linjin15Institute for Fusion Studies
Zmud Daniel P.15Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center
Zoch John R.15Applied Research Laboratories

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HR Contact Information

All questions concerning The University of Texas at Austin Staff Service Awards Program should be directed to the Staff Awards Team.