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Time Reports

As an HR professional, you may review and approve employee time reports also known as timesheets. Departmental timekeepers can refer to the Timekeeping Manual for detailed instructions related to timekeeping, including initial setup of the employee time reports, approval process, and making corrections or adjustments to time reports.

Weekly timesheets are created and approved in the Time Report System.

Getting Started

Before an employee can complete Time Reports, the following items must be in place:

Resources for Hourly Employee Time Reports

The following resources are available specifically for hourly employees, signers, supervisors, and timekeepers who are new to electronic timesheets and payroll processing for hourly employees.

Paper Timesheets

Employees are required to complete timesheets electronically, with the exception of faculty, teaching assistants, graduate research assistants, and assistant instructors.

Student employees in academic titles other than TA, GRA, AI should be assigned on an hourly basis wherever possible and complete an hourly electronic timesheet.

Employee types not listed in the exceptions above may only use paper timesheets with Human Resources approval.