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The 2017 Employee Engagement Survey is Underway

The survey is open to all staff employees by email. By taking this confidential survey, you will provide the University with valuable information that can help us build upon our organizational effectiveness and improve employee engagement. The results of this survey will directly influence future organizational improvement projects on the university and on the unit level. The survey will be open until May 12, and you will receive reminder emails throughout that time. Results will be delivered in June.

To know how to better support you and the work you do, we need your input. Please consider taking the survey. Check your inbox for emails from the “Institute for Organizational Excellence” and follow the instructions.

2017 President’s Staff Awards Told in Tweets and Photos

The 2017 President’s Staff Awards honored over 900 staff with 10 to 45 years of state service, along with winners of the President’s Outstanding Staff and Supervisor Awards and the Student Employee of the Year. In this Storify piece, staff and units celebrate the honorees in tweets and pictures, recognizing and highlighting the contributions of our loyal and committed staff.

Hiring Freeze FAQs for Staff Hiring

The following faq's pertain only to positions funded through funds appropriated by the Legislature (14 and 20 accounts) and do not pertain to positions funded by other sources.

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