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Pay Plan and Job Codes

Pay for positions at The University of Texas at Austin is based on the university's pay plan. According to the pay plan, each position is assigned a title and job code, and is placed in a salary range based on the duties outlined in the position description. Use the following resources to learn how to classify positions, find job titles and look up pay ranges for positions.

Position Classifications and Descriptions

Classification decisions are based solely on the responsibilities and duties assigned to a position. Employees' overall credentials and personal circumstances are not considered in creating a classification document for positions.

The Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) is a tool used by the Human Resources Department to help develop or revise position descriptions and to assist in evaluating a position for appropriate classification.  Upon discussion with the appropriate HR contact to determine whether a job description or classification warrants creation or review, the employee currently performing the role will be asked to complete the PAQ form and forward to his/her supervisor for comments and approval. The supervisor will then forward the document to the appropriate Human Resources contact for evaluation and recommendations of next steps.

How to Classify a Position and not the Person

Confusion about the person/position distinction is the most common misconception about classification documents. Examples of person-related factors that are not considered part of job classification include:

Classified Pay Plan Titles and Pay Ranges

Classified titles are a combination of exempt and non-exempt positions in various job families. These are non-teaching positions. The position's duties and level of responsibility determine the assignment of a position to a classification. The Classification Plan is outlined in the Handbook of Operating Procedures. You may look up job titles and pay ranges online using the Pay Plan/Job Code System (EID required).