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President's Exemplary Service Award

President's Exemplary Service Awards are one way managers can recognize and reward employees who demonstrate outstanding service or performance.

President's Exemplary Service Award Overview

UT Austin managers and supervisors may nominate eligible employees to receive up to 32 hours of administrative leave per fiscal year for specific services or activities that demonstrate exemplary service or performance. The awards must be made in eight-hour increments, except awards to part-time employees may be made in increments proportional to their appointments.


Classified, administrative and professional employees who have been employed by the university for at least 12 continuous months are eligible to be nominated for the award. The award is not available to faculty, teaching assistants, assistant instructors or students employed in positions that require student status as a condition of employment.

Nomination and Selection Process

Managers and supervisors may nominate any eligible employee from their units for a President's Exemplary Service Award, following this process:

Use of Leave

The employee must use the administrative leave within 12 months and before using any annual leave. If the employee transfers to another university department, any unused administrative leave will also transfer. An employee will not be paid for unused administrative leave upon separating from the university.