Timekeeping Guidelines March 13-15, 2020

The timekeeping guidelines below are specific to the March 13th through March 15th closure period.

  • Record Emergency-University Closure (Emergency Leave) instead of regular “Hours Worked” for the hours of your scheduled work time that were impacted by the university’s closure. Please note the exceptions below if applicable.


If your position is identified as essential, and you were required to work during the hours of closure

You should record both “Hours Worked” and Emergency-University Closure on your timesheet. Essential positions are determined at the college or business unit level and are vital to the business continuity of university operations (e.g. life/safety positions, position responsible for the security of buildings, data or property, etc.).

If you were on prior approved vacation or sick time during the hours of closure

In lieu of utilizing vacation or sick time off on your timesheet, you may record Emergency-University Closure for the time you would have been scheduled to work.

If you were on Unpaid Time Off during the hours of closure

You may not substitute Emergency-University Closure for the duration of time not at work.

If your work location was not directly impacted by the closure, and you were able to continue working

Including those working at satellite locations, those that regularly telecommute or those approved to telecommute on an intermittent basis for events such as this, Emergency-University Closure does not apply. Regular work hours should be recorded; however, if you work remotely but were unable to work due to the nature of your work requiring constant interaction with main campus, you may record Emergency-University Closure to account for the time you would have been scheduled to work.

Work Study student employees

Work Study student employees who were scheduled to work on Friday, March 13, when the University was closed, should report hours they would have worked on their timesheets per federal guidance issued from the Department of Education related to COVID-19.

Non-state benefits eligible employees and/or students employed in positions that require student status as a condition of employment are not eligible for Emergency Leave under state statute.

If these employees lost work hours during the 3-day campus closure period, they should partner with their supervisors to complete an equivalent amount of professional development in LinkedIn Learning and enter those hours on the next pay period to adjust for the loss of hours on this pay period.