Inclement Weather and Timekeeping February 14-24, 2021

As noted in President Hartzell’s Feb. 19 message to campus, the following timekeeping guidance is for the university’s inclement weather closure from 4 p.m. on Sunday, February 14, to 8 a.m. on Wednesday, February 24. The university has multiple shift start and end times so the amount of Emergency Leave needed for an individual may differ between employees depending on the individual’s shift.

Beginning on Friday, February 19, some units initiated restart activities on campus and/or remotely to promote a gradual return to normal operations. Each college, school, and unit will determine which activities should be initiated earlier than Wednesday, February 24. Supervisors may inquire with their teams if employees are able and interested in working remotely before 8 a.m. on Wednesday, February 24. Supervisors should remain flexible and verify that their employees are safe and have access to remote connections in developing their restart plans.

The intent of Emergency Leave for inclement weather events is to minimize a loss of income or a requirement to use accrued paid time off (e.g. vacation) due to a closure event. It is not intended to generate additional income and/or compensatory time unless your position is directed to work by your supervisor during a closure, leave early or delayed start event.

For the following situations, here is how time should be recorded in Workday:

Record “Emergency-University Closure” instead of “Hours Worked” for the hours of your scheduled work time that was impacted by the university’s closure.  

  • If your position is identified as essential and/or you were directed to work during the hours of closure, you should record both “Hours Worked” and “Emergency-University Closure” on your timesheet. Essential positions are determined at the college or business unit level and are vital to the business continuity of university operations (e.g. life/safety positions, positions responsible for the security of buildings, data or property, etc.).
  • If you voluntarily choose to work (e.g. you were not directed to work by your supervisor), you should record regular “Hours Worked.” Emergency Leave does not apply.
  • If you were unable to report to campus due to extenuating circumstances, such as school closures, outside of the closure period listed above and therefore not eligible for Emergency Leave, Human Resources encourages supervisors to work with employees regarding those missed work hours. We recommend allowing flexible schedules to make up hours during the same pay period, the use of accrued state compensatory time or banked overtime hours, and lastly, the use of vacation time off or floating holiday hours.
  • If you were on prior approved vacation or sick time off during the hours of closure, in lieu of utilizing vacation or sick time off on your timesheet, you may record “Emergency-University Closure” to supplement the time you would have been scheduled to work.
  • If you were on Unpaid Time Off during the hours of closure, you may not substitute Emergency Leave for the duration of time not at work.
  • If your work location is remote from central Texas and unaffected by inclement weather and you were able to continue working (e.g. California satellite office), record regular hours worked. However, if you were unable to work due to the nature of your work requiring regular interaction with main campus, you may record “Emergency-Campus Closure” to supplement any time you were unable to work. 
  • Non-state benefits eligible employees and/or students employed in positions that require student status as a condition of employment are not eligible for Emergency Leave.  Supervisors of these employees are encouraged to consider the use of flexible work schedules to make up the missed work time during the same pay period for these employees, if business conditions permit this option.

If you have questions about time entry, please contact the Human Resource Service Center (HRSC) at