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Request for Paid Leave

The purpose of filing a Request for Paid Leave is to allow employees to designate whether or not they wish to use any of their accrued leave while taking time off from work due to an on-the-job injury or disease. You should work with employees to complete this form even if they intend to use their accrued leave and don’t plan to receive a workers’ compensation check.

When to Complete a Request for Paid Leave

You should promptly file a Request for Paid Leave as follows:

How to Explain Paid-leave Options to Employees

When employees begin to lose time from work due to work-related injuries or diseases, they have two options: they may go on leave without pay and receive weekly workers' compensation payments (TIBs), or they may remain on the university payroll by using some or all of their accrued leave. As employees decide which option is best for them, you should explain the following details of each option.

Using Accrued Leave

Using TIBs

How to Complete a Request for Paid Leave Form

You should complete and submit the Request for Paid Leave form via *WCMENU 2.0. On the automated form, be sure to designate whether the employee wishes to use paid leave or to receive TIBs.

Wondering what you should do if you don’t have access to the *WCMENU 2.0 application? Have your WCI representative complete the form for now, and learn how to gain authorization for *WCMENU for use in the future.