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Employer's Wage Statement

The Employer's Wage Statement (DWC-3 form) is a helpful form that you can use to gather information about employees' wages. You may then use the information you gather on this form to calculate the rate at which employees are eligible to be compensated when receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

When to Complete an Employer's Wage Statement

You should complete and submit an Employer’s Wage Statement whenever an injured employee has missed or will miss more than eight days of work. Your department is responsible for completing a wage statement within 30 days of the eighth day of disability—failure to do so could result in a fine of up to $500. The DWC-3 form must be electronically filed with The University of Texas System WCI Office utilizing web application *WCMENU 2.0.

How to Complete an Employer's Wage Statement Form

You must complete and submit the Employer's Wage Statement via *WCMENU, using command SWG. The information you gather on the Employer's Wage Statement will help you calculate an employee's average weekly wage, which is the basis of the compensation rate that an employee is entitled to under the Workers' Compensation Act.

Wondering what you should do if you don't have access to the *WCMENU application? Have your WCI representative complete the form for now, and learn how to gain authorization for *WCMENU for use in the future.