LinkedIn Learning is now available in UTLearn

email sent to UTLearn users on May 2, 2022:

Learning and growth at work (and in life!) is a journey and life-long process. HR Learning & Development is committed to your professional development and is proud to announce that LinkedIn Learning content is now available in UTLearn starting May 2, 2022!

LinkedIn Learning is an award-winning industry leader in online learning, with a digital library of over 6,000 courses that lets you learn at your own pace. You can select courses relevant to your current role in areas like Business, Technology, Human Resources, and Marketing. You can also pursue other passions! You may watch an entire course, or individual videos – some are as short as four or five minutes. You have the opportunity to refine or develop your professional skills, learn new software, and explore other areas as you plan for your career growth. LinkedIn Learning also offers tremendous potential for managers and employees to create development plans as part of the performance review process.

To streamline your learning experience, we have integrated LinkedIn Learning content in UTLearn and here is why:

Users can search, launch, and record completion of all LinkedIn Learning courses within UTLearn, all your learning in one platform! You must have your LinkedIn Learning profile activated to get started, visit our Getting Started page to learn more.

Managers can easily recommend and assign courses for their direct reports, view the manager user guide.

Training administrators have access to hundreds of pieces of content to enhance their existing curriculum or to create new curriculum for their department.

For those who are already utilizing LinkedIn Learning, all your previous completions remain in your LinkedIn Learning transcript. Starting May 2, 2022, any completed LinkedIn Learning course will be recorded in both your UTLearn and LinkedIn Learning transcript.

As you work with LinkedIn Learning, we are interested in your experiences and feedback. If you have questions about Learning & Development, send us an email at If you need assistance with the LinkedIn Learning login process, please contact the UT Service Desk via email, or by phone, (512) 475-9400.

Happy Learning!