Friends of UT Learning & Development

Below is a list of people and organizations that UT L&D has either worked closely with in the past or are part of the University of Texas professional development community. If you are looking for someone to facilitate a retreat, speak at a conference, or provide organizational learning, the external consultants may be a good option for you. If you are looking for other learning opportunities within the UT community, check out what our learning partners are up to by clicking on the links to their websites below.

Trusted External Consultants

Tommy Darwin, Ph.D.

I work with individuals and groups to move through transitions with insight, momentum and resilience.

I facilitate every stage in the transition process:

  • Articulate where they want to go – purpose, vision and mission
  • Determine what’s in their way and how to overcome it – strategy design and planning
  • Execute their plan – leadership development, marketing/communication, change management
  • Collaborate effectively – team building and diversity training
  • Adapt and stay balanced – resilience coaching and scenario exercises

My range of engagement includes training and coaching, facilitating groups and processes, and generating work product including strategies, plans, and communication.

My research expertise is on the role of rhetoric in science and technology, especially in the realms of health and medicine, where rhetoric is the inventive practice of fitting people and ideas to each other to effectively take action.

I am expert at reading people and situations and helping people stay calm so they can adapt without freezing up or devolving into conflict. I create a calm space for people to catch their breath and think. I can see the core problem, figure out where to start, help generate and test different ideas to find a solution, and enable people to just keep going.

AJ Josefowitz
AJ Josefowitz Consulting and Coaching

I help clients press for precision and clarity so that their agendas are well understood and widely supported to drive organization alignment, commitment, and accomplishment. A bias toward precision and clarity also helps insure that matters addressed are real and relevant to the organization’s growth and vitality.​

Trust and community are bedrock ingredients of effective organizations, the seeds of which are sown in interpersonal interactions.

Mary Ober
Mary Ober Consulting

My expertise and passion are in developing and delivering strategic HR practices and programs to increase personal, team and organizational effectiveness. By skill and experience I have developed a keen sense and knowledge of how organizations work. I hone in on the best linkages to maximize and align the people, processes and culture of an organization with its vision, strategies and values. I specialize in coaching decision makers toward developing and implementing action plans to bring organizational change to fruition.

Monica Scamardo
Variate Consulting

Variate works with organizations who understand that people are their greatest asset. When there is trust across the people and teams who are responsible for getting results the organization will operate more effectively and be more profitable.

Our unique focus is built on business best practices and human behavior principles that build organizational trust. 

UT Partners

Human Dimensions of Organizations

The University of Texas at Austin is proud to offer Human Dimensions of Organizations, a first of its kind in the nation program. Drawing on an innovative combination of liberal arts, behavioral sciences, and social sciences, we created HDO to meet a need not addressed by existing education options: providing a deep understanding of people, the key components of any organization.

Technical expertise in a particular domain is a necessary element for workplace success. However, recognizing behaviors and motivations, communicating across organizations and cultures, and thinking strategically to solve complex problems – a few examples of core competencies developed in HDO – are the skills that create transformational leaders.

Texas Executive Education

Texas Executive Education offers world-class education and leadership development to companies and individuals through Custom Programs and Open Enrollment classes. These graduate-level, non-degree programs are designed to provide you with the knowledge, connections and expertise to go further in your career and your life.

In-person, interactive classes at this school-within-a-school are taught by world-class faculty, and many focus on key sectors of the regional economy. With an offering that includes 35 class titles, five Certificates, numerous Partner Programs, and the ability to develop Custom Programs tailored to individual companies, Texas Executive Education fosters personal and professional development in a format well-suited for busy, working people.

The University of Texas Center for Professional Education

Whether you're trying to build new skills to prepare for a career change, need data and technology training to keep up with today's evolving workplace or simply want to enhance the skills section of your resume, the Center for Professional Education (CPE) offers courses that support your career journey.

From critical soft skills, such as delegation and negotiation, to cutting edge hard skills like cybersecurity and data analytics, CPE is committed to your career success and ongoing professional development.