360 Assessment Facilitation

360 assessments are a method for receiving anonymous feedback from employees, peers, customers and others. Individuals select their raters and a survey is distributed.  Once completed individuals receive a report and a coach will debrief their results and assist with creating a development plan.

Management and Leadership Coaching

Customized to fit the needs of mid to senior level managers.  Typically individuals would like to enhance their leadership capabilities or begin the process of moving their organization forward. This can incorporate the 360 process mentioned above or other evaluation tools.

Employee Productivity Coaching

Managing projects and understanding how to most efficiently deal with heavy and complex workloads is an increasingly essential skill set in today’s workplace.  OE helps train individuals and whole teams on the fundamentals and intricacies of being as effective as you can be.

Career Coaching

The modern workplace can sometimes be an intimidating place for those looking to find their calling.  OE takes the mystery out of the process and helps clients navigate the ins and outs of realizing your professional vision.

Referrals to External Coaches

Sometimes individuals would like to contract with an external coach.  OE offers referrals to various other resources.