Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

Change Management

In the best circumstances, change is hard. In normal operations, organizations should approach changes in a planful manner.  When organizations experience unplanned change, it becomes critical to first stabilize the organization. Once the organization is stabilized there is opportunity to think innovatively and adapt to the environment.  

The following tools are designed to help you navigate change:

Change Management Pulse Survey Questions

Leadership Communication Tool

Community Building in a Virtual Environment



Great organizations plan for the future. They set an aspirational vision and define who they are. They establish goals, milestones, and metrics to help them achieve their vision.

Tools coming soon.


Leaders should think about the culture and climate of their organizations. Negative culture and climate can significantly reduce productivity and can lead to bad decisions.

Tools coming soon.


Productive organizations continuously look at their operations and make regular adjustments to improve. These organizations have clearly defined structures, streamlined processes, and adapt to change.

Tools coming soon.