Annual Insurance Enrollment

When is Evidence of Insurability Required?

The Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is an online health questionnaire that the insurance company uses to verify if a person meets the definition of good health. You will need to provide the physician names and contact information (address and phone number), medical issues, current medications, and treatment plans. In My UT Benefits you will be required to complete the EOI when increasing the voluntary life insurance values for yourself or spouse or if the employee is adding a disability plan.

NEW! No EOI required during the 2015-2016 Annual Enrollment period for enrollment into the Short and/or Long-Term Disability plans.

Elections for insurance must be made by July 31. You have until August 15 to complete the EOI in My UT Benefits. You will receive written correspondence from the insurance company regarding the status of your election or if additional information is necessary. If your EOI is approved by the insurance company, the requested insurance will become effective on the later of September 1 or the first of the month following the approval date (pending approved Evidence of Eligibility (EOE) for your spouse if applicable). If your EOI is incomplete or unapproved, the requested insurance will not become effective and you will not be charged premiums for the benefit.

Note: EOI is required when the employee or retiree is adding Long Term Care for self or an eligible dependent. To enroll you may visit the CNA website or print an application. Feel free to contact CNA customer service for assistance at (888) 825-0353.

EOI Requirements for Annual Enrollment 2015

Plan Employees Retirees
Medical No No
Dental No No
Vision No No
UT Flex No No
Life For any increase to the term life coverage, excluding the $10,000 dependent value.* For any increase to the term life coverage.
Short Term Disability No** N/A
Long Term Disability No** N/A
Long Term Care Yes Yes

*The employee must enroll in voluntary group term life insurance for at least 1X salary before electing $10,000 dependent value.

**No EOI required during the 2015-2016 Annual Enrollment period for enrollment into the Short-Term and/or Long-Term Disability plans.