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Now that you've posted an open position and recruited a pool of job applicants, it’s time to start interviewing.

How to Decide Which Applicants to Interview

Consider the following when determining which applicants to interview:

How to Prepare for an Interview

Whether this is your first time conducting an interview or you're an experienced interviewer, you'll want to take some of the following steps to prepare:

How to Interview Applicants with Disabilities

One of the most important questions you should ask during the first stages of every interview—whether it's with an applicant who appears to be disabled or not—is, "Can you perform all the essential functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodation?" Depending on the answer, take one of the following actions:

Interviewing Hearing-impaired Applicants

HR no longer budgets for this. Departments should be directed here. Departments may request an interpreter using the online request form using the following link: Campus Event Interpreter Services Request and must provide an account number for the charges to be billed through Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) approximately 4-6 weeks after the event has taken place.