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Post Positions and Recruit

The first part of the hiring process is recruiting and creating a pool of job applicants that you can eventually choose from. To do this, you need to post a position and advertise your job opening.

How to Post a Position

In order to post a job opening for any type of benefits-eligible position, you must get the position approved by Strategic Workforce Solutions. Take the following steps to get approval and post the position:

Posting Student Positions

You can post work-study and other types of student positions online through the Office of Student Financial Service's Hire a Longhorn program.


Human Resources has partnered with Graystone Group Advertising to simplify this process. Graystone Group Advertising will work with you to design an ad and manage space to ensure the maximum value of your recruitment budget. When you request a print quote, it’s returned in an approved design template so you see the ad exactly as it will appear. Deadlines and cost are included with all quotes.

Checklist for submission of position advertisements

  1. Complete the online form, you will need to provide the following information
    • Primary Contact Information   
    • Department Billing Information
    • Recruitment Information 
  2. Specify purpose of your quote request
    • Display ad with logo
    • In-column Line Ad – Text Only
    • Web posting
  3. List the desired publications/websites and dates ad should run in the "Instructions" field
    • Examples:Oct 11th - NY Times;
    • Next available issue of The Chronicle of Higher Ed;
    • 60 days on Monster.com
  4. Provide text for advertisement in the “Ad Copy” field

Subsequent steps and processes

Contact Information

Joe Bender
Graystone Group Advertising
Fax: (203) 549-0061
Phone:(800) 544-0005

Advertising Guidelines

Because of compliance requirements, external advertising using print, electronic media and/or internet postings must be approved in advance by Human Resources (Refer to HOP 5.1010). Compliance is simple when advertisements contain these specific elements:

  1. Must indicate name of university
    • The University of Texas at Austin
  2. Job vacancy number
  3. Must indicate that position is security sensitive
    • Security sensitive, or
    • Security sensitive position, or
    • Security sensitive; conviction verification conducted on applicant selected.
  4. Must include equal opportunity statement
    • EEO/AA, or
    • Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, or
    • Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer committed to diversity
  5. Review ad against official job posting:
    • Job specifications in the external ad should not disagree or conflict with the wording in the official UT Austin job posting. This is especially important of essential functions, required and preferred qualifications, salary notations, etc.


How to Use an Executive Search Firm to Recruit for a Position

UT System Administration has entered into contracts with seven executive search firms approved under an RFP process. Executive search firms are generally used to recruit for high-level, highly-specialized or hard-to-fill positions.

Executive Search Contracts

You may request access to the Systemwide HR Central Sharepoint directory that provides information for each of the executive search contracts. Your UT EID and password are required.

When your department enters into a contract with one of the above firms, send a copy of the executed addendum to the contact below. Information regarding Systemwide executive search service contracts may also be obtained from the contact listed below.

Faye Godwin
Interim Director of Employee Services
The University of Texas System
(512) 322-3759


How to Respond to Applicant Calls and Email

If people call, e-mail or approach you to express interest in your vacant position, you should make sure they understand that they can’t be considered for the job until they complete the online application. You can refer them to the job application instructions or have them call the Human Resource Service Center for more information at 512-471-4772 or 1-800-687-4178. You can also tell them that their online application and qualifications will go through a screening process, and that someone will contact them in the event that they are eligible for an interview.


How to Create a Bigger Applicant Pool

The simplest way to create a bigger applicant pool is to make the job posting open to the widest number of people. Using the Recruitment and Position Manager, take the following steps to broaden your applicant pool:


How to Add Educational Equivalencies to a Job Posting

Incorporating educational equivalencies into a job description can help attract a broader, more diverse applicant pool because equivalencies allow various levels of education and experience to substitute for one another. You can add educational equivalencies to your job posting using the following guidelines: