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Retiree Insurance Eligibility

Retirees are eligible to continue to participate in the medical, dental, vision, voluntary life insurance, and long term care programs when specific criteria are met:

Individuals employed in a benefits eligible position on August 31, 2003:

Individuals whose first date of employment in a benefits eligible position was on or after September 1, 2003:


Insurance Coverage Options

The University of Texas at Austin and the State of Texas provide 100% premium sharing for the retiree basic coverage package, and 50% premium sharing for dependents’ coverage.

Basic Coverage

Optional Coverage


Retiree Insurance Enrollment

Your employee insurance does not automatically continue when you retire.  You must enroll within 31 calendar days of your retirement date from TRS, ORP, or ERS and submit the following documents to Human Resources:

Note: Changes to insurance coverage elections can be made each July during annual enrollment, or within 31 calendar days of a qualifying change of status event (marriage, divorce, gain or loss of other insurance, etc.)