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Human Resources

Staff Directory

Human Resource Service Center

Main Unit Number: 512-471-HRSC (4772) or toll-free 1-800-687-4178
Service Email Account: hrsc@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-232-3524

The HR mailing address is: HR, 101 E. 27th Street STOP J5600, Austin, TX 78712-1573
Campus Mail Code: J5600

Records Unit Number: 512-471-5127
Records Service Email Account: hrsc-records@utlists.utexas.edu

Name Phone Email Address Office
Jim McElroy
512-471-4699 jim.mcelroy@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.216
Regina Garza
Onboarding Specialist
512-475-9060 regina.garza@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.206

Kim Heath
Onboarding Specialist

512-475-8043 kimberly.heath@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.212
Daisy Hernandez
Customer Service Specialist
512-471-4772 daisy.hernandez@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.226E
Jeanette Rodriguez
Customer Service Specialist


NOA 2.226B
Robin Jarman
Records and Onboarding Manager
512-471-8545 robin.jarman@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.202
Mary Lopez
HR Representative
512-475-8058 mary.lopez@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.208

Angela Scheer
Onboarding Specialist

512-232-7951 angela.scheer@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.200N
Ayesha Shaikh
Onboarding Specialist
512-475-8038 ayesha.shaikh@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.210
Lizneth Sparrow
Customer Service Specialist


NOA 2.226D
Tracy Torres
Customer Service Specialist
512-471-4772 tracy.torres@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.226C

Latina Woods
Customer Service Specialist

512-471-4772 Latina.woods@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.226A

Office of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Main Unit Number: 512-471-5961
Service Email Account: hrs-admin@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-471-8464
Campus Mail Code: J5600

Name Phone Email Address Office
Debra Kress
Associate Vice President for HR
512-475-8029 debra.kress@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.200
Michele Bennett
Administrative Associate
512-475-9706 michele.bennett@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.306

Kat Carrillo
Sr. Administrative Associate

512-471-6544 kathy.carrillo@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302B

Letitia Carter
Administrative Assistant

512-232-7901 lcarter@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.200
Amy Greenspan
Student Employment Coordinator
512-475-8015 amy.greenspan@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.328
Sean Liles
Administrative Assistant
512-475-7818 sean.liles@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302
Roxane Hinton
Executive Assistant to Debra Kress
512-232-8587 roxane.hinton@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.208
Jennifer Nelson
Administrative Assistant
512-475-8026 jennifer.nelson@austin.utexas.edu NOA 4.200

Wilhem Oliva
Administrative Associate

512-471-5961 woliva@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.200
Ernest Ortega
Administrative Assistant
512-475-8031 ernest.ortega@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.204
Rebecca Parks
HR Office Manager
512-475-8019 rebecca.parks@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.334
Tracy Tarver
Conflict Management
& Dispute Resolution Services
512-471-8464 (fax)
tracy.tarver@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.200

Strategic Workforce Solutions

Main Unit Number: 512-475-7200
Service Email Account: hrs.sws@austin.utexas.edu
Main Fax Number: 512-232-3523

Name Phone Email Address Office
Karen Chawner
512-232-2160 karen.chawner@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.346

Maggie Baughn
HR Partner

512-232-5845 maggie.baughn@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.336
Kirsha Del Pino
Principal HR Consultant
512-475-8018 kirsha.delpino@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.340
Vicki Fuchs
HR Partner
512-475-8021 vicki.fuchs@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.352
Alisa Hagan
Lead HR Partner
512-475-8034 alisa.hagan@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.338
Nicole Karas
HR Partner
512-475-6586 nicole.karas@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.348
Christine Maldonado
Compensation Specialist
512-475-8036 christine.maldonado@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.342
Norma Fernandez Perez
HR Partner
512-475-8042 norma.fernandez@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.344


Name Phone Email Address Office
Adrienne Howarth-Moore
Director, HealthPoint
512-471-9104 adrienne.howarth-moore@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302D
Kelly Lomasney
Principal HR Consultant
512-471-5523 kelly.lomasney@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.326

Benefits (Insurance, Leave Management and Workers’ Compensation)

Main Unit Number: 512-471-HRSC (4772) or toll-free 1-800-687-4178
Main Service Email Account: hrsc@austin.utexas.edu
Main Fax Number: 512-232-3524

Leave & Workers’ Compensation Number: 512-475-8099
Leave & Workers’ Compensation Email: HRS-LM@austin.utexas.edu
Leave & Workers’ Compensation Fax: 512-471-7008

Name Phone Email Address Office
Steven Blackwell
Benefits Manager
512-475-6956 steven.blackwell@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302F
Jennifer Garcia
Benefits Partner
512-475-8053 jennifer.garcia@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.348
Laura Mackey
Benefits Partner
512-475-8024 laura.mackey@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.346
Mirella Murillo
Benefits Partner
512-475-8056 mirella.murillo@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.338
Cynthia Nguyen
Benefits Partner
512-475-8045 cynthia.nguyen@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.344
Elizabeth Saavedra
Benefits Partner
512-475-8028 elizabeth.c.saavedra@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.336
Bonnie Wilson
Benefits Partner
512-475-8054 bonnie.wilson@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.340

HealthPoint Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Main Unit Number: 512-471-3366
Service Email Account: eap@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-475-8558

The EAP mailing address is: EAP, 101 E. 27th Street STOP A9200, Austin, TX 78712-1540
Campus Mail Code: A9200

HealthPoint EAP website: http://hr.utexas.edu/eap/

Name Phone Email Address Office
Susan Harnden
EAP Manager, Senior Social Worker
512-471-3366 susan.harnden@austin.utexas.edu NOA 4.200
Mary Bade
Senior Psychologist
512-471-3366 mbade@austin.utexas.edu NOA 4.200
Deborah Sharp
Senior Social Worker
512-471-3366 deborah.sharp@austin.utexas.edu NOA 4.200
Jeff Stellmach
Senior Social Worker
512-471-3366 jeff.stellmach@austin.utexas.edu NOA 4.200

HealthPoint Occupational Health Program (OHP)

Main Unit Number: 512-471-4OHP (4647)
Service Email Account: HealthPoint.OHP@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-471-2666

The OHP mailing address is: OHP, 101 E. 27th Street STOP A9250, Austin, TX 78712-1735
Campus Mail Code: A9250

HealthPoint OHP website: http://hr.utexas.edu/current/services/ohp.html

Name Phone Email Address Office
Henry Guevara
Senior Occupational Health Nurse
512-471-4OHP henry.guevara@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302
Janelle Wilt
Staff Nurse
512-471-4OHP janelle.wilt@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302

HealthPoint Work-life Balance and Wellness Program

Main Unit Number: 512-475-7207
Service Email Account: HealthPoint.wellness@austin.utexas.edu
HealthPoint Wellness website: http://hr.utexas.edu/current/wellness/

Name Phone Email Address Office
Claire Hahn
Wellness Manager
512-475-7207 claire.moore@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.302C
Nosse Ovienmhada
Tobacco Free Campus Coordinator


NOA 3.312

Organization Effectiveness

Main Unit Number: 512-475-7200
Service Email Account: hrs-admin@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-471-8464

Name Phone Email Address Office
Elida Lee
512-232-2325 elida.lee@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.204
Erika Frahm
Sr. Program Coordinator
512-471-8742 efrahm@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.322
Emil Kresl
HR Productivity & Outreach Advisor
512-471-0797 kresl@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.318

UO Human Resources

Main Unit Number: 512-471-5466
Service Email Account: UO-HR-Services@austin.utexas.edu

Name Phone Email Address Office
Percy Bedford
Sr. HR Support Specialist
512-471-8330 pbedford@austin.utexas.edu FC1 3.210
Kathleen Hemrich
Sr. HR Support Specialist


FC1 3.210
Luther Johnson
HR Assistant Director


FC1 3.104A
Benita Longoria
Senior HR Coordinator


FC1 3.210
Johnna Price
HR Representative


FC1 3.210
Chrystal Riley
HR Coordinator


FC1 3.210
Dawn Sample
HR Coordinator


PPE 4.310
Jill Sanchez
HR Support Specialist


FC1 3.210
Angela Schoolar
Manager, University Operations HR Services


FC1 3.210B

Annette Williams
Senior HR Coordinator



FC1 3.210

UTemps (Temporary Placement Services)

Main Unit Number: 512-232-TEMP (8367)
Service Email Account: utemps@austin.utexas.edu
Fax Number: 512-232-3524

Name Phone Email Address Office
Nora Murillo
HR Coordinator
512-475-7278 nora.murillo@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.354
Carlos Caravantes
HR Representative
512-475-8049 carlos.caravantes@austin.utexas.edu

NOA 2.224

Liza Cracco
Onboarding Specialist

512-475-8017 liza.cracco@austin.utexas.edu NOA 2.318
Marisela Ortiz
Recruiting Assistant III
512-475-7277 marisela.ortiz@austin.utexas.edu

NOA 2.222


Workforce Analytics

Fax Number: 512-232-3524

Name Phone Email Address Office
John Moore, Ph.D.
512-475-8062 john.moore@austin.utexas.edu

NOA 3.332

Karen Blanchette
Workforce Analyst
512-475-8055 karen.blanchette@austin.utexas.edu NOA 3.218