Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Office

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Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Office
The Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Office regularly offers services utilizing Skype for Business and Zoom. While UT Austin employees are working remotely we will offer services exclusively online.

What we offer

  • Private consultations in an impartial office with an experienced neutral. 
  • Informal Options: Request mediation, restorative processes, coaching, facilitated discussion, or principled negotiation.
  • Formal Option (current staff only): File a complaint through the University Staff Grievance Policy.
  • Role-play and experiential training.
  • Consultation on individual and group issues.
  • Dispute system design assistance: Create your own internal system or process.

How we can help

  • Current staff have access to both formal and informal options. All other university members may request informal options.
  • Mediate departmental, workplace, and academic issues. Mediation is an informal, private, and voluntary process with outcomes and agreements created by the parties with the help of a neutral facilitator.
  • Listen impartially to concerns and help repair relationships.
  • Restorative Justice: Options for restorative processes that respond to harms, impacts and needs through community/team building circles, meaningful accountability dialogues and conferences, and reentry support circles following suspension, extended leave, etc.
  • Navigate bureaucratic systems and policies.
  • Specifically for non-managers: Resolve performance appraisal and corrective action disagreements.
  • Specifically for managers: Design clear performance plans and collaborative intervention prior to discipline.