Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution (CMDR)

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Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution (CMDR)

CMDR resolves conflict, repairs workplace relationships, and improves communication so that employees can thrive personally and professionally.


Most CMDR appointments are held virtually on Zoom. If you require an in-person appointment or need private space with a computer to have your Zoom appointment, please let us know at the time of scheduling. We use Stratus Language services for live translation in 160 languages. CMDR works with Classified staff, Administrative and Professional staff, and supervisors of staff. Our services are voluntary for all parties involved. Staff and supervisors can have a private*, initial consult to learn about CMDR’s services without starting an official grievance process.

How we can help

  • Coaching on effective conflict communication skills.
  • Navigation of bureaucratic systems and policies to access resources.
  • Mediation and collaborative discussions: a neutral facilitator helps parties communicate, create agreements, and work toward solutions in a safe environment.
  • Addressing disagreements with performance evaluations and corrective action.
  • Coaching on effective supervisory skills in workplace conflicts.
  • Support for UT HR professionals in advising about departmental conflicts.
  • Facilitation of the formal staff grievance process.

*There are a few exceptions to privacy, such as legal or policy requirements (for example, Title IX reporting).