Organization Effectiveness

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UT Organization Effectiveness (OE) is an internal team focused on advancing organizational effectiveness across academic, research, and business units.  We work with individual units to develop organizational strategies and goals, manage change, identify and design solutions, and support leaders.

We offer a range of services which can be provided individually or combined in order to achieve your project goals and objectives.

OE Services:

Service Descriptions:

Descriptions of each our distinct service areas are provided here.  All services are customized to your organization and needs. 

Organizational Assessment and Discovery

We collect, organize, analyze, and interpret information to enhance organizational success through the use of customized interviews and surveys.  The focus of this service varies, but commonly includes topics such as organizational health and culture or operational needs and gap analysis.  This service is often combined with our other services, but can also stand alone.  

Strategy Development and Implementation

We collaborate with campus leaders to develop strategic and operational plans that include clearly defined missions, visions, values, goals, objectives, and metrics.  This charts a course of action that enable units to align themselves with to the university and their profession.  

Process Improvement

We facilitate the development and implementation of improvements that streamline processes resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness.  

Change Planning and Implementation

We partner with campus leaders to develop strategies to prepare for, lead and manage change, focusing on what people need to effectively transition to new ways of working.

Contact us ( for more information to discuss how we can support you.  OE provides units 40 hours of service at no cost each year.  Additional work is billed at $30/hour.