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We are continuous learning advocates for working professionals at UT.

L&D Director's Message

Find out what Learning & Development is and what we're doing for The University of Texas. Emil Kresl, Director of L&D, explains the difference between training and professional development, what a continuous learning organization is, and some of the programs and services are that we're focusing on for L&D's first year.

Perspectives on Empathy

Perspectives on Empathy is presented to you in collaboration with UT Learning and Development and Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation.

In our next episode Taylor Brown interviews Coach Carol Capitani who gives an honest look at her experience leading her team through our current challenge, continuing team connection remotely, and sharpening her skill of empathy over the course of her career.

Carol Capitani is the head coach of the UT Women's Swimming and Diving team. Carol's teams have placed in the top 10 nationally in seven of her eight years as head coach.

Perspectives on Empathy Video

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Perspectives on Empathy: Coach Dave O’Neill

Perspectives on Empathy: David Pierce

Leadership Talks: Psychological Safety

Tommy Darwin headshotDate: May 22, 2020
Time: 9:30-10 a.m.
Facebook* Video replay link

Join us as we live stream our fourth episode of Leadership Talks with our special guest, Tommy Darwin.  The focus of the discussion will be psychological safety.

Leadership and Psychological Safety:  A leader's first job is to nurture psychological safety — trust and relationships that help individuals feel connected to each other, willing to speak up, and most importantly willing to be curious, try new things, and learn quickly when things don't work. At all times, psychological safety is essential to innovation, performance, and resilience. In a crisis, psychological safety is essential to survival.

Tommy Darwin is currently the Director of the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program in the Moody College of Communication, and in his 20 years at UT have held positions in the Graduate School and DDCE and worked directly with a number of programs across campus. He developed and delivered programs and graduate level courses in the broad areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, community, and organizational change. Tommy also works with individuals and groups to build their resilience, ability to engage opportunities, and adapt effectively to changing situations.

*The HR Facebook page is a public page which will allow you to watch the video even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

Credit for this webinar can be added to your UTLearn transcript by adding it as an external training, here's how.