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We are continuous learning advocates for working professionals at UT.

News and Events

Opportunities for learning and development abound all over The University of Texas at Austin. There are so many opportunities, in fact, that sometimes it's a little hard to keep track. On this page, UT L&D corrals all the events happening in our community to make easy for you to see what your options are. If you there is something missing, be sure to let us know.

News & Events


Learning & Development Assessment Dashboard

Dive into the results of our university-wide assessment on learning and development. Learning and development plays a critical role in attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talent. It also fosters a workplace that promotes wellness while maintaining high performance. All managers and leaders will find the data in this dashboard useful. We have also created an infographic with some of the highlights that we encourage you to share with your teams and colleagues. 

Learning & Development Assessment Dashboard

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UT L&D provides unique and engaging programs for the entire UT community. Explore a variety of courses and events on timely and critical topics. Our live classes encourage active learning and recorded videos are great for anytime learning.

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Whether you know what you’re looking for or you just want to explore learning options, UT L&D provides resources in ways that will suit you. Dive into discovery.

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L&D Newsletter Archive

Here you will find an archive of the UT L&D newsletters that we regularly send out to the UT community. The messages are thematic, so this is a great place to browse or find resources on all kinds of topics and issues. Of course, feel free to reach out to us anytime if you need a little help. 

L&D Newsletter Archive

UT L&D Manager Spotlight

Managers play an essential and often unsung role in any organization. Managers at all levels of the organization play a key role in developing the workforce while they continuously learn at the same time. Because of this role, UT Learning & Development spotlights a manager each month so they can share their perspective on learning and development and other managers can learn about what they do for our community.

UT L&D Manager Spotlight

Community Learning Team

UT Learning & Development’s Community Learning Team provide full-service learning and group facilitation tailored to your needs. As group learning specialists who serve as your partner and guide, they can integrate their content with your desired outcomes or help build something new, just for you.

Community Learning Team webpage