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We are continuous learning advocates for working professionals at UT.
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UT Reads: The Sword & The Shield

Community is powerful. In times of crisis, we need a strong community to help us learn and move forward.

UT Reads is a Learning & Development campaign to encourage The University of Texas at Austin community to read the same book and discuss our experience. Our aim is to make this a recurring event.

The book for the first cycle of UT Reads will be The Sword and the Shield, a dual biography of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr, written by Dr. Peniel Joseph, director of The Center for the Study of Race and Democracy.

Over the course of three weeks, we will encourage all members of the UT Community (staff, students, alumni, and faculty) to read The Sword and the Shield on their own or in groups. UT Learning & Development will provide group discussion guides. In the fourth week we will begin a three-part series of a live panel discussion. All are welcome to attend the webinar, but only panelists will have microphone and camera access.

Our hope is that this campaign will be an educational and enriching experience, as well as continue the crucial conversation about race.

UT Reads webpage

How Learning Relates to Crisis

In this 2 1/2-minute video, Emil Kresl, Director of L&D for The University of Texas at Austin talks about the relationship that learning has to crises and why it is critically important that organizations continuously learn.

For more on this topic, read Emil’s LinkedIn article, To Move Forward We Need to Teach People How to Think and Learn