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Student Academic Employment

If your work for the university involves academic research, classroom or laboratory instructional or support duties, tutoring, or other duties that are academic in nature, you should be assigned to a student academic job title.

These are the undergraduate student academic job titles:

These are the graduate student academic job titles:

The compensation rates for student academic titles are established each year by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. In addition, Assistant Instructors, and Teaching Assistants, and Graduate Research Assistants are eligible for a tuition reduction benefit (TRB) related to their student academic employment. The assistance amounts can vary based on the number of hours of the appointment and are paid on a semester basis. The TRB replaces the Tuition Assistance Benefit for AIs and TAs and tuition remission for GRAs.

Students holding academic positions also may be eligible for certain benefits, including resident tuition entitlement and employee insurance benefits for graduate students in academic titles. Further information is available on the Student Employee Benefits page. If you have questions about the assignment process, please contact the HR representative in the department where you work.

This chart provides an overview of the minimum enrollment requirements for student jobs. For an overview of the university’s limits on work hours in student positions, please see this summary.

Undergraduate Student Academic Employment

The following guidelines apply to employment in the three undergraduate academic job titles:

Graduate Student Academic Employment

For detailed information about graduate student academic employment, please see the Graduate School website. The following are some of the rules that apply to graduate students employed in student academic titles:

If you have questions about whether and how you qualify for graduate student academic employment, you may contact the Graduate School.

Finding a Student Academic Job

If you are a prospective student or are admitted to the university and are looking for a student academic job, you should work with your home department’s HR staff or Graduate Coordinator to find out about academic jobs in the department. Faculty and staff in the departments will know what jobs are available and are in charge of placement in those jobs.

You may also want to check the Hire a Longhorn Job Bank.  Student academic jobs may be posted there, along with on-campus and off-campus non-academic jobs.

University Policies

Here are some of the official university policies relating to student academic titles: