Student Employee Compensation

NOTE: Under Executive Order 13658, work performed on certain federal contracts solicited or awarded on or after January 1, 2018, require payment of a minimum wage rate of at least $10.35 per hour. This requirement does not apply to work performed on federal grants. Employers of students who are performing work on a federal contract in an FLSA non-exempt student job title (i.e., a title other than Graduate Research Assistant, Assistant Instructor, or Teaching Assistant) may contact the Office of Sponsored Projects at for more information.

2023- 2024 Student Academic Titles and Pay Rates

The rates for student academic titles are established each fiscal year by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. There is an established salary range with a minimum and maximum amount that may be paid for each job title.  Departmental pay practices normally determine how much is paid within the established range.

These tables show basic pay rate information for student academic titles for the upcoming 2023-2024 fiscal year. Monthly and annual rates of pay are expressed as full-time (40 hours a week) rates (FTE). If the assignment is less than full-time, the actual salary will be proportionate to the Scheduled Weekly Hours of the position. 

Undergraduate Students

U0066 Undergraduate Tutor

ClassHourlyMonthly (FTE)Annually (FTE)
All class ranks$10.00-$20.00$1,733-$3,467$20,800-$41,600

U0070 Undergraduate Assistant

ClassHourlyMonthly (FTE)Annually (FTE)
Freshman 0-29 hours$9.92-$16.50$1,719-$2,860$20,634-$34,320
Sophomore 30-59 hours$10.00-$17.00$1,733-$2,947$20,800-$35,360
Junior 60-89 hours$10.50-$21.00$1,820-$3,460$21,840-$43,680
Senior 90 hours or more$10.50-$21.00$1,820-$3,460$21,850-$43,680

U0095 Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA)

ClassHourlyMonthly (FTE)Annually (FTE)
Freshman 0-29 hours$9.00-$15.00$1,560-$2,600$18,720-$31,200
Sophomore 30-59 hours$9.45-$16.35$1,638-$2,834$19,656-$34,008
Junior 60-89 hours$9.92-$18.00$1,719-$3,120$20,634-$37,440
Senior 90 hours or more$10.41-$25.00$1,804-$4,333$21,653-$52,000

Although there are compensation rates broken down by class years, all Colleges, Schools, and Units are advised to have equity in their pay structures for student employees that are performing similar duties and who have similar semesters of experience.   

Graduate Students

ClassHourlyMonthly (FTE)Annually (FTE)
G0064 Graduate Tutor$15.00-$25.00$2,600-$4,333$31,200-$52,000
G0065 Academic Assistant$15.00-$25.00$2,600-$4,333$31,200-$52,000
G0071 Graduate Assistant$12.00-$30.00$2,080-$5,200$24,960-$62,400
G0090 Graduate Research Assistant$12.20-$50.00$2,115-$8,667$25,376 - $104,000

Graduate Students: 9-Month Pay Basis*

TitleHourlyMonthly (FTE)Annually (FTE)
G0045 Assistant Instructor$19.81-$39.14$2,433-$7,106$41,196-$85,272
G0062 Teaching Assistant-NSC$22.04-$28.17$3,820-$4,883$45,840-$58,596
G0063 Teaching Assistant$12.52-$36.92$2,170-$6,400$26,040-$76,800

* Insurance benefits may work differently for employees paid on a 9-month pay basis. Please see the Student Employee Insurance page.

*The Monthly and Annual salaries listed above are based on 100% Full-Time employment and do not take into account that graduate academic positions are typically assigned to part-time position positions ranging between 12.5% - 75% FTE per semester.  

Students employed as Teaching Assistants, Assistant Instructors, and Graduate Research Assistants may be eligible for a tuition reduction benefit related to their student academic employment. For more information, see the Graduate School’s website.

2023- 2024 Student Non-Academic Titles and Rates

The rates for student non-academic titles are established each fiscal year by Human Resources. There is an established salary range with a minimum and maximum amount that may be paid for each job title. Departmental pay practices normally determine how much is paid within the established range, based on the complexity of work and level of responsibility. Students who have gained experience, have demonstrated competence, and/or have special qualifications may be paid at a higher rate based on the complexity of the work performed.

With the exception of Resident Assistants and Camp Resident Assistants, all employees in student non-academic positions must be paid on an hourly basis. Additionally, all of the Job Profiles listed below will have a prefix of U for Undergraduate, G for Graduate and N for Non-Affiliated Student in Workday.

The table below provides basic rate information for student non-academic titles for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.

Job ProfileTitleHourlyAnnually (FTE)
0074Student Assistant$8.00-$21.00$16,640-$43,680
0075Student Associate$8.00-$21.00$16,640-$41,600
0076Senior Student Associate$10.00-$21.00$20,800-$43,680
0077Student Technician$10.00-$25.00$20,800-$52,000
0078Student Camp Worker$8.00-$26.45$16,744-$55,016
0079Non-Affiliated Student Worker$9.00-$25.00$18,720-$52,000


Job ProfileTitleAnnually (FTE) 
0073Resident Assistant$15,101-$23,920 
0098Camp Resident Assistant$26,520-$52,000 

*The Resident Assistant positions include housing and other benefits in addition to a monthly salary.

Please see the Student Non-Academic Employment page for the eligibility criteria and other information associated with these student job titles. Student non-academic job titles may not be used for research or other work that is academic in nature.