Training for Managers

The HR Managing People training series is designed for staff who supervise employees in any capacity. The goal of this curriculum is to provide managers with the training and performance support tools they need to effectively manage through the employee lifecycle from recruitment and onboarding to development and separation. This material emphasizes the importance of empathy, ethics, and equity in management practices. It is intended for those who are new to managing or new to managing at UT and also serves as a good refresher for experienced managers.  

The curriculum consists of 8 modules which are a blend of self-paced learning and virtual instructor-led training. The curriculum is presented in the recommended order that guides you through the employment lifecycle but can be approached asynchronously if desired.  

To sign up for any of the module(s), you must first complete the Introduction module. Following its completion, you will be able to sign up for all of the instructor-led training sessions and access the accompanying materials. Please note that each instructor-led training is offered multiple times throughout the year, and you may wish to sign up for these sessions early to secure your preferred date and time.  

The curriculum consists of the following modules:  

  • Introduction 

  • Manager Communications*

  • Managing People at UT Austin* 

  • Hiring Talent* 

  • Onboarding 

  • Managing Compensation, Time, and Benefits 

  • Managing Performance and Behaviors* 

  • Developing and Empowering Employees 

  • Separating Employees  

* Indicates a module that includes an instructor-led training session. To sign up for a session, you must open that module and follow the link to the training sign up.

New managers are auto enrolled in the curriculum in UT Learn and should be able to find the class material on their UT Learn Transcript. If you are not auto enrolled but want to take this training, please enroll in UT Learn 

If you have questions about the HR Managing People training series, please contact Strategic Workforce Solutions at 



1. Why should I sign up for this training? 
A good manager is essential to the employee experience, and managing is not always an easy road. This training series is meant to give you a blueprint for managing at UT and will leave you with resources and reference material to go back to after the class has ended. We’ll introduce you to UT resources that you should be aware of and you’ll be able to learn from other managers in your cohort as we go.  

2. How long do I have to complete the training? 
There is no set deadline for completing the course. If you are auto enrolled, UT Learn will assign a 9-month due date for the training. This will trigger emails to you and your supervisor when the training is past due, however there is no adverse impact for not completing the course before the due date. You are welcome to move through the material at your own pace.

3. Can students take this training?  
No, we ask that students do not enroll in this training. The material is not designed for student employees, but we recommend students interested in training opportunities consider the Student Employee Excellence & Development (SEED) training series. 

4. Can faculty take this training? 
Absolutely.  Any faculty member who serves as a manager for a staff member is encouraged to enroll. 

5. What if I’m not technically a manager but more of a team lead, can I take this training?  
If you are expected to train, coach, hire, advise, or informally manage staff in any capacity, you’re welcome to sign up for this training. 
6. Why am I not seeing any of the workbooks or other class materials in UT Learn? 
You must watch the introduction before any of the course material is made available to you. The introduction explains the layout of the course and answers some common questions. 

7. Who do I contact if I need technical assistance navigating UTLearn? 
For assistance using UTLearn, please contact the UT Service Desk at or 512-475-9400.