Training for HR Professionals

HR Essentials is a certification training series designed for staff who are primarily performing human resource functions at the university. It is for those who are new to HR as a profession as well as those who are experienced in the discipline but may be new to the university. To get started, we ask that you consult with your College, School, or Unit’s HR Executive to see if they agree that the courses would benefit you in your role and perhaps to get some suggestions on electives that may be particularly useful or which of the two training tracks may be best to target.  Additionally, of course, you would want approval from your immediate manager.  HR Essentials consists of 18 core courses and 11 elective courses.  For certification, the training must be completed within three years.  Each course is offered twice per calendar year and enrollment is through UTLearn.  There are two tracks and we ask you to select one.

  • The HR Essentials Basic Track requires participants to complete the listed 13 courses and 4 elective courses (total 17 courses).  This level is recommended for those who perform at mostly a transactional level.
  • The HR Essentials Advanced Track requires participants to complete all 17 of the core courses and 4 elective course (total 21 courses.) This level is recommended for those who perform at a broader HR level.

Once you determine which track is for you, here is how to enroll as well as how to claim the certification upon completion. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to your Strategic Workforce Solutions (SWS) consultant.