Student Employee Orientation and Training

Welcome to the employment community at The University of Texas at Austin! The information here will direct you to some orientation and training opportunities to help you in your role as an employee of the university.

Your hiring department may also have orientation and training programs for new student employees, so check with your supervisor.

Orientation and Training for Graduate Student Employees

Compliance and Safety Training

  • Mandatory Compliance Training: All student employees are required to complete the general compliance training within the first 30 days of employment and again each year This includes courses on the Compliance and Ethics Program at UT Austin, Title IX Basics, Workplace Discrimination and Harassment, , and Information Security Awareness. Other compliance training may be required, depending on the job and department. Check with your supervisor or University Risk and Compliance Services.
  • Environmental Health and Safety Training: If you work in certain work environments, such as a laboratory, you may be required to take safety training. Check with your supervisor.
  • Other compliance steps may be found on the New Student Employee checklist.

Student Employee Excellence Development (SEED) Program

UT Austin encourages professional development for all students employed by the university. The SEED Program provides student employees a chance to earn a Student Employee Excellence Certification by attending free training and workshops offered across campus. The program is designed to provide you with opportunities to enhance your skill set, knowledge base, and leadership potential so you can excel in the student workforce and in your future career. For more information, please visit the SEED website.