Employee HR Self Service

Workday was designed to allow you to view and maintain your personal information throughout the year. You should use this system to maintain your biographical information on your employee record. 

Items which can be viewed and/or updated within Workday are:

  • Personal Data - Under Actions select Personal Data
    • Update Home Contact Information 
      • Primary Address 
      • Primary Phone
      • Primary Email
    • Update Work Contact Information 
      • Business Location
      • Business Primary Phone
      • Business Email
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Service History: View prior service with state agencies and institutions of higher education.
    • Veteran status: Under Actions select Personal Data select from the list "Change My Veteran Status Identification" or "View My Veteran Status Identification"
  • Career - can be updated under your View Profile navigation menu
    • Education 
    • Teaching experience 
    • Job History
  • Job - can be updated under your View Profile navigation menu
    • Job Details 
    • Support Roles 
    • All Jobs UT Modified: Review current and past employment with the university.
    • Additonal Data: Direct Depsit Declaration, Nepotism and View State Service Periods