Supervisor’s Checklist for Hiring a New Student Employee

1. What to Do as Soon as You Decide Whom to Hire

  • Have a department HR Contact create a background check request in the online Background Check Administration (BCA) system and notify the student to authorize the check electronically. If you prefer to give the student a paper form, you will ask them to complete a Criminal Background Check Form (PDF) and send that form to your HR Contact to enter into the BCA
  • After the student has accepted employment, inform the student that an electronic I-9 form must be completed no later than the first day of work and that the student must bring acceptable original identification and work-eligibility documents with them on their first day of work. The student must meet with an HR Contact or Delegate in your department to complete the electronic Complete I-9 Form step in Workday . See I-9 Resources for more information.
  • If the applicant you want to hire is disabled and self-discloses any accommodations they will need, work with Office for Inclusion and Equity and Services for Students with Disabilities to ensure that the accommodations are reasonable and can be met by the university.
  • Please review the Workday Student Employment Manual  which includes information related to Workday Business Processes, Student Eligibility, Additional Sporadic employment, and a sample Student Employee Acknowledgement among other helpful Workday resources to manage employment.  

2. What to Do Before the Student Employee Begins Work

  • Give your new employee a link to the New Student Employee Checklist.
  • Verify that the student employee's Hire has been successfully completed in Workday and that the student employee has received the Onboarding tasks in their Workday Inbox.
  • Request authorizations for all applicable mainframe applications and Web systems
  • Create an employee file for the new hire. See Employee Files for more information. Refer to the Office of Accounting's Records Management website for information about records retention.

3. What to Do During the Employee's First Week of Work

  • Verify with the student that he/she has completed all items on the New Student Employee Checklist. An HR Contact in your department can check the student’'s Onboarding Status Summary in Workday to verify that the items are complete.
  • Meet with the student to review job duties and performance expectations. Provide any written guidelines, instructions, or manuals that may apply to the student’s position.
  • Remind benefits-eligible graduate student employees to attend the New Employee Orientation (login to UTLearn, search New Employee Welcome and Orientation)
  • Provide your new student employee the Workday Students Resource webpage that reviews Time Entry and Onboarding tasks.Remind hourly-paid student employees that they must submit timesheets in order to be paid for completed work. 
  • International students who will have UT Select insurance benefits should apply for a waiver of the required UT Austin student health insurance. Information on application deadlines is available from International Student and Scholar Services.
  • Remind nonresident students who have qualifying student academic assignments to complete a Request for Resident Tuition Entitlement.
  • Remind student employees who are nonresident aliens to complete their GLACIER record.