Supervisor’s Checklist for Hiring a New Student Employee

1. What to Do as Soon as You Decide Whom to Hire

  • Have an HR Contact for your department create a background check request in the online Background Check Administration (BCA) system and notify the student to authorize the check electronically. If you prefer to give the student a paper form, you will ask them to complete a Criminal Background Check Form (PDF) and send that form to your HR Contact to enter into the BCA.
  • After the student has accepted employment, inform the student that an electronic I-9 form must be completed no later than the first day of work and that the student must bring acceptable original identification and work-eligibility documents at that time. The student must meet with an HR Contact or Delegate in your department to complete the electronic I-9 and E-Verify. See I-9 Resources for more information.

2. What to Do Before the Student Employee Begins Work

  • Give your new employee a link to the New Student Employee Checklist.
  • Assign the person to the position in Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Use “Assign Work-Study” for Federal Work-Study students. If another person in your department handles assignments, you'll use the online Staff Transaction Request (EID required) to request creation of the new assignment.
  • If the employee will need mainframe access, create a *DPUSER logon
  • Request authorizations for all applicable mainframe applications and Web systems
  • Request that the *DEFINE office manager place the new employee on any necessary desks and views
  • Create an employee file for the new hire. See Employee Files for more information. Refer to the Office of Accounting's Records Management website for information about records retention.

3. What to Do On or Before the Employee's First Day of Work