New Student Employee Checklist

Welcome to the employment community at The University of Texas at Austin! There are several steps you need to take as you begin working as a student employee. Here’s a checklist to help you.

If you’re a graduate student academic employee, please note the additional steps at the end of the checklist.

On or Before Your First Day

  1. ID Card and EID – You probably already have an ID card and upgraded (high-assurance) UT Electronic Identification (EID), but if you don’t, go to the ID Center, located on the first floor of the Flawn Academic Center (FAC).
  2. Introduce yourself to your department's HR representative. You need to make sure the department representative knows you’ve been hired in order for your assignment to be processed correctly and for you to be paid on time.
  3. Payroll Information - Complete My Paycheck Profile online. You will need an upgraded EID and information from your UT ID card to complete this online form. If you are unable to use the online Paycheck Profile, download the Payroll Employee Information Form (PDF) and a Form W-4 (PDF) from the Payroll website and return it to your department representative.
  4. Employment Eligibility Verification — You must complete this electronic I-9 form no later than your first work day. You will be required to present original documents from the List of Acceptable Documents to prove your identity and authorization to work in the United States. Information from your documents will be submitted to the federal E-Verify system for verification. Please contact your hiring department if you have not been told where to bring your documents. If you receive an email with the subject line, Electronic I-9 Shuttle Request, please follow the instructions to complete the employee section of the form.
  5. Criminal Background Check Request – You should have received an email requesting electronic authorization to conduct a background check. If you have not received the email or completed the background check request, please contact your hiring department.
  6. Acknowledge the Ethics Statement - Read and acknowledge the Standards of Conduct and Political Activities online (EID required).
  7. UT System Worker’s Compensation Insurance Health Care Network Notification – Read and acknowledge the Worker’s Compensation Network Acknowledgement Form online (EID required).
  8. Health Insurance Marketplace Notice – The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers to provide this notice (PDF) to all employees about the option to shop in the Marketplace (also known as the “exchange”) for private insurance that provides minimum essential health coverage. The ACA requires all employees be informed about the Marketplace. Human Resources will email or mail this notice to anyone with an assignment. Departments will provide this notice to unassigned employees. More information about ACA and UT Select is available on the OEB website.

  9. Selective Service Eligibility - If you're a male between the ages of 18 and 25, complete the Selective Service Eligibility and Verification online. For more information, see the Selective Service Registration Frequently Asked Questions page.
  10. Driving Record - If you'll be driving a university vehicle, see the UTDRIVERS website for information on required driver's training.
  11. Conflicts of Interest Policy - Read the university policy (including Related Information within the policy) concerning conflicts of interest and outside activities.  For additional information please visit the Provost Office's Conflict of Interest webpage.
  12. Employee Information - Complete your employee biographical information and your veteran status information online.

Your First Week

  1. Supervisor Meeting - Talk with your supervisor about your job description and performance expectations.
  2. Compliance Training - Begin your compliance training. Training requirements may be found in UTLearn or in the Compliance Training System, depending on the requirement. This training must be completed within your first 30 days of employment. For alternate methods of taking the training, call the compliance training coordinator at 512-232-7842.
  3. Read and acknowledge the Compliance and Ethics Guide (PDF). After reviewing all sections of the Guide, advance to the Acknowledgment Page where you will record your agreement to act in accordance with UT Austin’s requirements for ethical conduct.
  4. Acceptable Use Policy — Acknowledge the Information Resources Acceptable Use and Security Policy Agreement.

  5. Request for Resident Tuition Entitlement (in-state tuition) - If you are assigned to work in a student academic position and you meet certain requirements, you may qualify for resident tuition rates even if you are a non-resident of Texas. If you’re eligible you must complete a Request for Resident Tuition Entitlement in order to reduce your tuition bill to the resident amount. You must complete this form every semester.

  6. Nonresident Aliens - Please be sure you have completed your GLACIER record. You should have received your login instructions via the UT Secure Message System within two weeks of beginning employment. The forms generated from GLACIER and required immigration documents should be sent to Payroll Services.

Graduate Student Academic Employees

  1. New Employee Orientation - If you're a graduate student who is eligible for university insurance benefits, we strongly recommend that you register for and attend New Employee Orientation (login to UTLearn, search New Employee Welcome and Orientation).
  2. Insurance Selections - If you’re a graduate student who is eligible for university insurance benefits, you’re automatically enrolled in the basic insurance coverage on the first day you become eligible. You may also select certain optional benefits (e.g., coverage for dependents, dental insurance, vision insurance). Review the New Employee Benefits Enrollment Checklist for forms and details about how to complete the enrollment process.

    You must make any optional insurance selections and return the completed forms to the Human Resource Service Center within the first 31 calendar days of your employment start date.

  3. Even if you’re eligible for the tuition reduction benefit, you must pay any balance on your tuition bill by the published deadlines. You may apply for a tuition loan to cover tuition payments. Please be aware that your job assignment cannot be final-approved until you have paid tuition (or confirmed attendance, if you have a $0 tuition bill).
  4. If you’re an international student who is eligible for university insurance benefits, you may apply for a waiver of the required UT Austin student health insurance based on your academic assignment. Information on application deadlines is available from International Student and Scholar Services.