Pre-Retirement Checklist

Attend "Retiring from UT Austin"

  • This two-hour class provides an overview of UT Select retiree insurance, Medicare and coordination with UT Select, returning to work after retirement, and getting started with TRS or ORP. Sessions are offered the 2nd Wednesday of every other month on the main UT campus and the 1st Friday of every other month on the Pickle Research Campus.
  • For more information and to register, please see UTLearn (EID and password required).

Teacher Retirement System (TRS)

  • Contact TRS six months prior to retirement (suggested) to allow sufficient time for completion of TRS required forms.

Optional Retirement Program (ORP)

  • Contact your ORP provider or financial advisor three months before retirement to review distribution options and beneficiary designations.

UT Retiree Insurance

UT insurance does not automatically continue when you retire. Information concerning eligibility for UT retiree insurance can be found on the Retiree Insurance page. Eligible retirees must take the following actions to ensure a smooth transition.

  1. TRS retirees must submit a copy of their TRS 30 Application for Service Retirement to the Human Resources Service Center (HRSC). ORP retirees must complete the ORP Declaration of Retirement form (online).
  2. Notify your department of your intent to retire from UT Austin. Your department will end your job in Workday and Human Resources will approve your retirement date in Workday.
  3. Login to My UT Benefits and submit your retiree insurance elections. Please note that you cannot make retiree insurance elections prior to completing steps 1 and 2. You have 31 days from the date of your retirement to make your elections.

Billing for retiree insurance is managed by Payroll Services. Please see the Retiree Insurance Billing page for more information.

Group Term Life Conversion

  • If converting coverage greater than $100,000 to Individual Whole Life, contact the HRSC for an application no later than 31 days after your retirement date. For more information, see Dearborn National or call (800) 538-0379.

Personal Information

  • Ensure your address, email and emergency contact information is current in Workday.

Beneficiary Designation

  • Complete the secure, online beneficiary designation form for your UT Group Term Life Benefits by loggin into My UT Benefits.


  • Medicare is administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and is available at age 65 (younger if due to a disability). Human Resources highly recommends that retirees contact Medicare at least three months prior to when you need benefits to start. Retirees should enroll in Medicare Parts A and B online or by phone at (800) 772-1213.
  • Retirees insured by UT Select should always decline enrollment in parts C and D.
  • If over age 65, please request forms CMS-40B and CMS-L564 from the SSA. Form CMS-L564 should be sent to the HRSC for completion by a benefits specialist.

Social Security Benefits

  • Social Security benefits are available at age 62 or older. Retirees should contact the SSA at least three months before the date you want benefits to start. You may apply online, in person, or by calling the SSA at (800) 772-1213. Please note that not all individuals are able to apply online or by phone.

UTSaver Program

  • Individuals currently or previously contributioning to the TSA 403(b) and/or the DCP 457(b) should contact their provider or financial advisor to review distribution options and beneficiary designations. Human Resources suggests that you contact your provider or financial advisor at least three months prior to retiring.

  • Current UTSaver participants should STOP contributions effective the 1st of the month following retirement using

Deferring Unused Annual Time Off Pay

  • Retirees can defer all, or a portion, of unused time off pay to a DCP account (contribution limits apply). If interested, please complete the Annual Leave Deferral Purchase/Change Agreement (online) form. Human Resources highly recommends submitting the online form three weeks prior to your retirement date.
  • You must have a DCP 457(b) account established with an approved provider in order to successfully defer unused time off pay.

Sick Leave Pool Donation

  • Sick time off is not paid to you when you retire, however you may donate your unused balance to the Sick Leave Pool. If interested, please complete and submit a Sick Leave Pool Donation Form (PDF) to the HRSC.

  • Sick leave can be donated up to 12 months after your retirement date.

 Certificate of Retirement

Keep Your UT Connections

The Retired Faculty-Staff Association (RFSA) of The University of Texas at Austin provides the point of connection, continuity and communication for the mutual benefit of its members and the university. Enjoy seeing friends with many activities including travel, discussion groups, new restaurants, service to UT, and being part of the scholarship fund for students. For more information, please visit the RFSA website.