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Office of Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

  • Overview — We promote peaceful and transformative conflict resolution.
  • Mediation — Informal, private, voluntary process with outcomes and agreements created by the parties with the help of a neutral facilitator.
  • Restorative Justice Processes — Options for restorative processes that respond to harm, impact, and needs of both individuals and the community.
  • Grievance Procedure and Dispute Resolution Process — The university provides a fair and efficient process for current staff to present and resolve complaints and grievances related to the workplace.
  • Conflict Management Services — CMDR offers both formal and informal options for university members.
  • Problem Solving Information and Tips — Learn more about conflict and communication styles and tips on how to address conflict productively.
  • Workplace Threats — Resources for how to assess and respond to threats in the workplace

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The university offers a wide variety of services to faculty and staff.