Hiring and Separation

We seek to hire the best and brightest to support the University’s mission of achieving excellence in education, research, and public service.


Thorough recruiting and hiring practices help reduce turnover and ensure that the University is staffed with productive employees. The following resources will guide you through various steps of the hiring process to help you attract and hire the right employees. 

  • Post a Position – Get started by posting a position.
  • Form a Selection Panel – Learn how to form a selection panel and develop a selection matrix. 
  • Recruit and Select Candidates – Identify top candidates for interview. 
  • Interview – Find out how to interview and select the best employee for the job. 
  • Check References – Read details about when and how to check references. 
  • Hire – Now that you have found the employee you want, learn how to complete the hiring process. 

Separation from Employment

  • Separation Process – Follow this guide to separating employees from the university.
  • Leave Payment – Ensure separating employees receive payments for their accrued leave.