Career Management

The university offers many opportunities to get your career on the right path. Whether you are contemplating a new career, seeking optimum performance with skill development, or interested in continuous learning, the university provides a myriad of ways to empower your growth, skills, and capabilities.

Career Opportunities

Learning Opportunities

Performance Management

  • Overview - Take a brief look at how performance management works.
  • Performance Management Tools - Tools to manage your performance and professional development.
  • Competencies – Database of competencies and university job profiles. See what competencies are linked to your job profile. Find learning resources, development opportunities, coaching tips, and interview questions for a given competency.
  • Tips for Probationary Employees - Learn how to manage your performance during your first 180 days of university employment.
  • Tips for All Employees - Understand how to achieve optimum performance, develop your skills, and collaborate well with your team members and coworkers.
  • Mentoring - Enter a partnership to build competencies.
  • How to Have a Difficult Conversation with your Supervisor - Learn how to initiate and conduct a successful conversation with your supervisor on a variety of difficult matters.
  • Tips for Receiving Feedback (PDF) - Learn how to develop an open and non-defensive posture to coaching and feedback.