Additional Sporadic Employment

Sporadic employment allows departments to “hire” university employees through the additional job process. These employees are familiar with university rules, processes, and procedures; they are hired to do short term or sporadic work that contributes to the mission of the organization. It reduces the administrative burden on departments in the areas of recruitment and training for short term/sporadic work. 

Sporadic employment applies to full time employees who perform additional work outside their primary department. The nature of the work can be similar or different from the employee’s primary job. Sporadic employment encompasses work that occurs at irregular intervals or occurs as a single event.

Additional work performed within an employee’s primary job department may be compensated via  temporary additional duties allowances.


Sporadic employment cannot exceed 120 hours or $25,000 per employee per fiscal year (September 1-August 31). Supervisor approval is required before an employee can accept sporadic employment.  

Sporadic Employment Pay

The pay rate used should be appropriate for the work performed and meet university pay plan guidelines.

Exempt employees may receive a lump sum payment or hourly payments. However, if the secondary department is using both exempt and non-exempt employees to perform the same work, then hourly payments are required.

Non-exempt employees may only receive hourly payments.

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