Working for UTemps

Assignment length

The length of each UTemp assignment varies. The "projected ending date" is flexible and many temporary assignments are extended. However, each job placement is a separate action and you aren't guaranteed another position. When your assignment is completed you'll have to compete for the next available position.

If a department is recruiting for a vacancy and you meet the requirements for that job, then you may be eligible to compete for the job vacancy with all of those who apply. Your demonstrated skills and work record as a UTemp can be considered by hiring managers.


You will begin as soon as possible once your assignment has been confirmed and the UTemps Recruiter provides you with the start date.

Pay rate

The current minimum hourly pay rate is $15 an hour. The hourly rate will vary depending on the level of the job and the skills required.


With each assignment, you'll be offered a chance to purchase a temporary "A" parking permit from Parking and Transportation Services. This will allow you to park in any "A" permit spot on campus. The permit is good for one month from the date of purchase.


Since you're being evaluated, you should dress professionally. This could include business attire as established by your hiring department or casual attire, such as slacks, shirts with collars and comfortable shoes.