Separation Process

This list is to be used as a comprehensive guideline for successfully separating employees from The University of Texas at Austin. It is intended to provide you with resources, links and points of contact to complete this process.

Please note: Not all items listed will apply to the separating employee.

  1. End the Assignment

    You need to end the assignment in Workday as soon as possible after you are notified that the employee will transfer to another department, leave university employment, transfer to a state agency, have a break in their employment, or has died.
  2. Reclaim Physical Resources
    • Keys - desk, file cabinets, office, building, vehicle and other
    • Access Cards
    • Uniforms
    • Tools/Equipment
    • Identification Card
    • Long Distance Card
    • Mobile Devices
    • Laptop/Computer
    • University Records
    • Departmental Parking Tags/Cards
    • Credit Cards
    • Pro Card
    • Business Cards
  3. Remove IT Resources
  4. Remove Telephone Access
    • Reclaim Long Distance card
    • Deactivate Long Distance account
    • Disconnect EID from UT Voice Mail (VM) mailbox
    • Clear out UT VM mail box
    • Reset UT VM PIN
    • Reset UT VM message
  5. Department Administrative Process
    • Ensure employee completes their timesheet in Workday
    • Collect employee’s optional Sick Leave Pool Donation form
    • File a “Supplemental Report of Injury” (SR6) form for each lost-time WCI claim within the previous 2 years (This form is accessed through UT Mainframe at the WC Menu)
    • Send request to Leave Management to remove any unused FML or SLP hours
    • Ensure employee updates forwarding mailing address in Workday
    • Delete signature authority
    • Deactivate building access codes (BACS)
    • Reset door access codes
    • Notify UTPD to disable employee Personal Identification Code (PIC) for alarm systems (471-4441)
    • Change organizational chart
    • Remove/replace additional duties responsibility (i.e. Fire Warden, Staff Council, Facilities Manager, committees, councils etc.)
    • Change building directories and signs
    • Rescind UT driving privilege (UTDRIVERS) - Drivers who no longer drive for your department should be deleted from the system.  Make a copy of the driver’s detail screen, notate when and why the driver is being deleted, and put a copy into the driver’s personnel file.
  6. Department Network Process
    • Notify desktop support
    • Clean hard drive, etc.
    • Remove fileserver access
    • Update staff databases
    • Update staff mailing list
    • Update departmental webpages
    • Change shared passwords
    • Remove desktop access (active directory)
    • Remove access to departmentally run software
  7. Post Effective Date of Separation

Information for Separating Employees

Re-employment, Special Consideration Program, NextJob, and Resources

Employees who are part of a reduction in force action are provided first right of refusal for re-employment if the same position which was eliminated is reinstated within 12 months of their separation date.

Impacted employees are automatically enrolled in the Special Consideration Program at the time they are notified of layoff. They may choose to opt out of the program by contacting Regardless of when an employee joins the program, Special Consideration ends 12 months after their separation date. The Special Consideration Program provides a hiring department the option to hire with diminished administrative procedures and provides preference in hiring if the employee is deemed to be as equally qualified as a non-Special Consideration participant.

Employees may also choose to receive services through NextJob at no cost to them. NextJob is an outplacement service vendor contracted by HR to provide career coaching, resume writing support, assistance with interview strategies and job search assistance for impacted employees.

Employees are given direction on both the Special Consideration program and how to enroll in NextJob services in their notification letter.

Affected employees are welcome to schedule individual appointments with HR Benefits to discuss their specific situations and options. The Employee Transition Guide (English, Spanish) is available to assist employees navigating the benefit impacts associated with an employment separation.

Additionally, the HealthPoint Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselors are available to discuss change and transition strategies with impacted employees. The EAP also provides manager consultations using a guide titled Manager Communication during Reorganization.

These consultations help coach managers on strategies to relay difficult news to workgroups and to notify impacted employees with respect and compassion.