Change of Status for Retirees

Making updates throughout the year is permissible for a qualified change of status event(s). If you experience a major "life event" or change in your personal or work life, your benefits may need to change as well.

You have 31 days from the date of a qualified change of status event to notify the Human Resources Services Center and complete changes to your benefits that are consistent with that event. If you do not make your eligible changes during the 31-day status change period, your changes cannot be made until the next Annual Enrollment in July, to be effective the following September 1.

The list below includes common examples of qualified Change of Status events:

  • marriage, divorce, annulment, or spouse’s death;
  • birth, adoption, medical child-support order, or dependent’s death;
  • significant change in residence if the change affects you or your dependents’ current plan eligibility;
  • change of job status affecting eligibility (e.g. for employees: from non-benefits eligible part-time to full-time, starting or ending employment, starting or returning from FMLA, or other) ;
  • change in dependent’s eligibility (e.g., reaching age 26 for UT SELECT Medical, marriage or reaching age 25 for all coverage other than UT SELECT Medical, or gaining or losing eligibility for any other reason); or
  • significant change in coverage or cost of other benefit plans available to you and your family.
  • dependent(s) with a loss of insurance coverage under the Medicaid or CHIP program as a result of loss of eligibility of either the employee or the dependent; or
  • whose dependent becomes eligible for a premium assistance subsidy under Medicaid or CHIP

How to make enrollment changes

To make insurance changes, you will need to submit the following documents to the Human Resource Service Center during your 31 day enrollment period: