Surviving Dependents

Dependents who are covered by medical, dental and/or vision insurance at the time of the employee or retiree’s death may continue university insurance as surviving dependents if the following occurs:

  • The employee / retiree had five years of service credit with the Teacher Retirement System or Optional Retirement Program prior to the time of death, AND
  • Three of the five years must have been within The University of Texas System.

For dependents that aren't eligible to continue insurance as surviving dependents, they may be eligible for COBRA insurance.

When the Human Resource Service Center (HRSC) is notified of an employee or retiree’s death, they'll send continuation of coverage information to the eligible surviving dependents. Surviving dependents are NOT eligible for university funding (premium sharing) toward the insurance coverage. Dependents are responsible for paying the full cost of the insurance coverage elected. For a list of the monthly premiums please visit the Premiums page. Any outstanding insurance premiums must be satisfied before dependent coverage begins.

Dependent premiums are billed quarterly. For a list of billing dates please visit the Insurance Billing page. Participants may continue university insurance until they no longer meet the definition of dependents, become eligible for similar benefits elsewhere, or fail to pay the full cost of premiums.

Surviving dependents may participate in annual enrollment each year during July. An annual enrollment packet will be mailed to the dependents in June and July. Dependents can make changes to the medical, dental and vision benefits if those benefits were in effect at the time of the UT employee or retiree’s death. Changes made during annual enrollment are effective September 1.