Tips for Probationary Employees

If you’re a new, classified employee, you’ll be considered a probationary employee for your first 180 days of university employment as part of the selection and hiring process. This 180-day timeframe allows managers to assess whether your skills, performance, and dependability fit your position and merit continuation of university employment.

You should take the following steps to manage your performance during the probationary employment period:

  • Review the university’s policy on probationary employment during your departmental orientation or individually with your manager
  • Review your position description and discuss expectations and standards of performance with your manager
  • Familiarize yourself with work rules regarding the following:
    • Reporting to work in a regular and timely manner
    • Scheduled breaks or lunch periods
    • Reporting sick leave use and other absences
    • Dress codes/standards
    • Appropriate conduct
    • Conducting yourself in accordance with designated safety rules
    • Departmental work rules
  • Ask your manager for feedback about how you’re doing, and request periodic performance evaluations throughout your probationary employment period—check out the probationary performance evaluation form.

Get Help Understanding Probationary Employment

You can take advantage of services designed to help you manage your performance, and understand the policies and procedures surrounding the probationary employment period. Contact Strategic Workforce Solutions at 512-471-HRSC (4772) to request services to help you improve your effectiveness in the workplace.