Other Paid Time Off

Emergency Time Off / Funeral Time Off

This policy applies to any employee who is appointed to work at least 20 hours per week for a period of at least four and one-half (4 1/2) continuous months. For purposes of this policy, faculty must be appointed for at least 50% time for at least four and one-half (4 1/2) continuous months. Students employed in positions that require student status as a condition of employment are not covered by this policy.

Eligible employees may request paid emergency time off for up to three (3) days when there is a death in the household or the immediate family. Paid time off is also available for emergencies involving campus closures or other significant events as defined by the policy. When recording approved Emergency Time Off in the Time Entry Calendar, employees must use the appropriate drop-down and include a brief justification in the comments section.

Employee who are not eligible for time off under this policy, but experience an emergency situation such as a family member deaths, are encouraged to work directly with their supervisor to discuss unpaid time off or flexible scheduling options.

Emergency Leave policy.

Jury Duty / Witness Service

Paid time off is available for employees summoned to perform jury duty or subpoenaed to serve as a witness in a judicial or legislative hearing to which they are not a party. Employees are expected to provide proper documentation to their department when requesting time off for Jury Duty or Witness Service.

Jury Duty and Witness Service policy.

Other Paid Time Off

In addition to the above, the university provides paid time off for eligible employees pursuant to state statute for the following: