Other Paid Time Off

Emergency Leave / Funeral Leave

If you’re a leave-eligible employee, you may request paid emergency time off for up to three (3) days when there's a death in your household or within your immediate family. Paid time off is also available for emergencies involving campus closures or other significant events as defined in the policy. When recording approved Emergency Leave in the timekeeping system, use the appropriate time off code and include a brief justification for your time off in the comments section of the timesheet.

If you’re a non-leave eligible employee, including a student employee, and you experience an emergency situation such as a family member death, please work directly with your supervisor to discuss flexible scheduling arrangements or unpaid time off options.

Read the Emergency Leave policy for more information.

Jury Duty/Witness Service

Time off with pay is available if you are summoned to perform jury duty or if you are subpoenaed to serve as a witness in a judicial or legislative hearing to which you are not a party. You must provide proper documentation to your department. Read the Jury Duty and Witness Service policies for more information.

Other Paid Leaves

The university provides other types of paid time off pursuant to state statute. When recording time off for an approved state leave where no designated timecode exists, use the timecode “Other” with a brief note in the comments section of the timesheet indicating the type of leave used.

Paid state leaves for leave-eligible employees include: