Skeleton Crews and Compensation for Holidays

Skeleton Crews

According to the Texas Government Code, the university must provide minimum services on skeleton crew days. This does not apply to a holiday that falls on a Saturday, Sunday, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, or the 24th or 26th of December.

When skeleton crews are required

Vice presidents and deans determine how their reporting departments will handle skeleton crews. For example, if the work of the department involves conducting business with the public, then a skeleton crew would probably be necessary.

Depending on the type of work, the vice president or dean might allow the skeleton crew to work from an off-campus location or by phone. Vice presidents or deans determine the minimum number of staff required for an on-site skeleton crew.

Skeleton crew compensation

If you're part of an on-site skeleton crew, you'll be granted compensatory time in addition to the holiday. In this situation, worked time is recorded on your time sheet in addition to the holiday time.

If you're working as a skeleton crew off-site, you won't receive compensatory time.

Compensation for Holidays

To be paid for a holiday, you must be at work or on paid leave the day before and after a holiday unless the holiday falls at the end of the month or at the beginning of a month.  In these situations, you must be working or on paid leave the day before an end of the month holiday or the first workday after a beginning of the month holiday.  For example, if you are on paid leave the day before Thanksgiving, but on LWOP the day after Thanksgiving, you will not receive compensation for the Thanksgiving holidays.  

If you work any part of a day before or after a holiday, you are given credit for working the entire day for purposes of receiving compensation for the holiday.  For example, you are on paid leave for 4 hours on the day after New Year’s Day, you would receive four hours of pay for the day after New Year’s Day and full credit for New Year’s Day.

Family and Medical Leave and Holidays

If you are on FML during the holidays and do not have paid leave, you will not receive pay for the holidays.   If you wish to come in and work part of a day to receive credit for the holidays, you must have a return to work release if the leave was taken for your illness.  If the FML was for maternity or paternal leave, then you must have the approval of your department to return to work and then take time off again.