Post a Position 

The first part of the hiring process for benefits-eligible positions is recruiting and attracting a pool of job applicants from which to choose. To do this, you need to create a job requisition and post your job opening. 

How to Post a Position

In order to post a job opening for benefits-eligible positions, you must get all new and existing job requisitions approved by Strategic Workforce Solutions. Take the following steps to get approval and post the position: 

Positions posted through Workday are also automatically posted to,,,,,,,,,,, 

Posting Student Positions

You can post work-study and other types of student positions online through the Office of Financial Aid Work Program and HireUTexas. You may also post your student positions through Workday

How to Create and Manage Questionnaires

You can create these questionnaires in advance or create them as part of the Create Job Requisition business process. When these optional questionnaires are added to a job requisition, applicants will be required to answer these questions to complete the application process. The university’s standard eligibility questions are required and already included in the primary questionnaire. Refer to the Workday Instructional Guide, Create and Manage Questionnaires, for step by step instructions.  

These job-specific screening questions are presented to job applicants as they submit their job application and must be answered in order to proceed. 

As you create Secondary Questionnaires follow this naming practice so that your questionnaire will be easy to identify within the database the next time you wish to use it. 

Department Name – Position Title – Specific Skill Focus (if applicable)

Human Resources – Administrative Assistant – Microsoft Office

The Secondary Questionnaire allows you to present questions in a number of different formats, such as single select, multi-select, and text.

Questions must be job related and specifically tie back to the posted Required and/or Preferred Qualifications as well as the Responsibilities. To assist with screening, create questions that will help you determine if the job applicant possesses the desired skills and experience needed to be successful in the position. 

How to Advertise a Position

Graystone Group Advertising was awarded a contract through the competitive bid process to provide recruitment advertising services. Graystone Group Advertising works with department HR contacts to design advertisements that ensure the maximum value of recruitment budgets. Graystone Group Advertising can also advise on appropriate publications for targeted recruitment efforts. When you request a print quote, it is returned in an approved design template so you see the ad exactly as it will appear. Deadlines and cost are included with all quotes.  

Steps to Engage Greystone Group Advertising

Complete the online Ad Submission form

  • You will need to provide the following information
    • Primary contact information to include your department billing information
    • Ad type
    • Instructions
    • Ad copy or upload an image

Subsequent steps and processes

  • Graystone Group Advertising will receive your request and contact you.
  • Display ads are graphically enhanced and e-mailed back with costs for changes and/or additions. Unless indicated otherwise, display ads will not be released without approval.
  • Line ads are placed directly with the publication; estimated costs are available prior to release.
  • At all times, Graystone Group Advertising personnel are available to discuss media, selection, timing, costs, etc.
  • Payments for ad publications will be made on behalf of the university.

Contact Information

Robert G. Sheftic, Senior Vice President, Graystone Group
Phone: 800-544-0005 x300

Graystone Group Advertising
Fax: 203-549-0061
Phone: 800-544-0005

Advertising Guidelines

University policy HOP 5.1010 requires that central Human Resources review and approve all external staff job advertisements and announcements for Classified staff positions. External advertising may be carried out using print, electronic media, internet job boards, materials for job fairs, etc. These external job announcements must include and follow the criteria outlined below: :

  1. Must indicate name of university
    • The University of Texas at Austin
  2. Job Requisition number
  3. Must indicate that the position is security sensitive
    • Security sensitive, or
    • Security sensitive position, or
    • Security sensitive; conviction verification conducted on applicant selected.
  4. Must include equal opportunity statement
    • EEO/AA, or
    • Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, or
    • Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer committed to diversity 
  5. Must review ad against official job posting:
    • Job specifications in the external ad should not disagree or conflict with the wording in the official UT Austin job posting. This is especially important of essential functions, required and preferred qualifications, salary notations, etc.