Find Temporary Staffing Solutions

Looking for a cost-effective way to get temporary assistance? Try UTemps, the university's temporary staffing service. UTemps brings qualified employees to university departments to help you meet your staffing needs.

Why choose UTemps?

UTemps is:

  • Simple—UTemps manages the entire employee selection process and handles all pre-employment screening and compliance training, as well as timekeeping, payroll, and employment documents, so you won't have extra paperwork.
  • Convenient—UTemps allows you to end a temporary assignment at any time based on your business needs.
  • Inexpensive—UTemps connects you with skilled temporary workers at a fraction of the cost of private staffing agencies.
  • Secure—UTemps completes criminal background checks on all temporary employees before they are assigned a job.
  • Ready—UTemps is ready to help you fill any of the following positions:
    • Administrative/clerical
    • Web development
    • Database development/report writing
    • Network administration/software development and maintenance
    • Programming
    • Desktop Support Specialists
    • Project Managers
    • Event Coordinators
    • Graphic Designers
    • Accounting, advising and other professions
    • Substitute Teachers
    • Lab assistance
    • Labor and skilled crafts
    • Building attendants, food handlers, and others

"Temp to Hire Program"

  • Offers the ability to hire a UTemp and move them into a permanent position without a recruiting effort.
  • Benefits
    • UTemps Office handles the entire recruiting process. Department will not need to post, manage applicant pool, nor complete the recruiting summary.
    • "Try before you buy"—department can bring in several UTemps before deciding on a permanent hire.

How to Use the "Temp to Hire Program"

  • Departments must create a position in HRMS. Select “No” when prompted with “Are you ready to recruit now?” Also, check the box that reads “Please have a UTemp representative contact me regarding this position” and provide the  position ID number to the UTemps office.
    • If the position already exists, please provide the position ID number to the UTemps Office.
  • Complete the UTemps Personnel Requisition form and indicate in the Position Information section of the request form that this is a Temp to Hire assignment.
  • UTemps will change the position ID number to “Recruiting Optional”.
  • UTemps office will select the temporary worker and place him/her in a UTemps assignment.
  • UTemp chosen must be on a UTemp assignment for at least 45 work days.
  • UTemp must have a one day break in service prior to transferring to a permanent assignment.

UT Staff "Temp to Hire Program" 

  • Offered to departments who value previous university experience and choose to fill a position within their organization with a current university employee who is expected to be laid off. This would provide the affected staff with an opportunity to continue working for the university in another position on campus.

UT Staff “Temp to Hire” Eligibility

  • Available to any university employee on a voluntary basis who has received a layoff notice due to reorganization for any reason. The UT Staff “Temp to Hire” candidate will be made aware that there is no guarantee of permanent employment, or continued employment without a break in service.
  • To be considered eligible for the program, the university employee:
    • must be released by  his or her current department to work with another department while  still within the layoff period.
    • must successfully pass a criminal background check.
    • must not have a formal written performance management action or an overall annual performance appraisal rating of “does not meet expectations” on file within 12 months prior to the date of layoff.

UT Staff “Temp to Hire” Program Funding

  • Salary and Benefit
    • If accepted into the program, the employee’s salary and benefits would remain at the current rate and would continue to be paid by the department who notified the employee of the specified layoff period (typically the 60-day minimum) in advance of the proposed termination.

UT Staff “Temp to Hire” Hiring Guidelines

  • Hiring the candidate
    • Once the temporary assignment begins, the hiring department can decide to hire the “Temp to Hire” candidate at any time. However, they will be required to pay the full 45 day UTemp administrative fee.
      • If the department’s rate is lower than the employee’s current rate, the employee will remain on their assigned rate for the specified layoff period.
      • If the department’s rate is higher than the employee’s current rate, the transfer could be expedited before the specified layoff period.
    • UT Staff “Temp to Hire” candidate is Not the Right Fit
      • The hiring department has the option not to hire the “Temp to Hire” employee at any time within the 45 day time period and is only required to pay the UTemps administrative fee for days of service.

How to Hire a UTemp

You can hire a UTemp by completing a UTemp Personnel Requisition Form

Note: At the time you complete the requisition form, be sure to mention the names of any previous UTemps who you would like to try to get placed with you again or any UTemps you don't want because they weren't a good fit.

How to Get Your UTemp Started in the Workplace

On the first day that your UTemp reports to work, do the following:

  • Provide detailed job instructions
  • Establish a work schedule with the UTemp
  • Make sure the UTemp is supervised at all times
  • If the services of the UTemp are no longer needed at some point, for any reason, notify the UTemps office—you don’t need to keep the UTemp for the entire length of his/her appointment if it just isn’t working out
  • If you realize that the assignment needs to be extended, notify the UTemps office—the length of the assignment cannot be for more than four and a half months, so contact the UTemps office for help if you need help for a longer period of time


Each time UTemps are given an assignment, they are asked if they need to purchase an "A" parking permit. If they choose to purchase one, they are instructed to go to Parking and Transportation Services to purchase their permit. The UTemps office will fax an authorization letter to Parking and Transportation Services confirming the request for a permit. This permit is available for a month or more.

UTemp Fees

When you use UTemps to fulfill a staffing need, your department will be billed a service charge based on the hourly rate you will be paying your UTemp. You can contact your UTemps coordinator for help figuring out what the service charge will be to fill a specific position.

Driving University Vehicles or Personal Vehicles

If your UTemp will need to drive a university vehicle as part of their job duties, contact the UTemps office to gain approval. Don't allow your UTemp to drive a university vehicle until you contact the UTemps office—at this point it will take about two days to get your UTemp approved to drive university vehicles.

If your UTemp does not drive a university vehicle but needs to run work-related errands away from the office, your UTemp is allowed to use a personal vehicle. Walking or using a university shuttle is a better alternative to driving, though, because UTemps will not be compensated if they are involved in an accident in their personal vehicle. Use of their own vehicle is at their own risk.

How to Manage UTemps


UTemp workers are responsible for submitting timesheets to the UTemps office the next work day following the end of each pay period, which is twice a month. Be sure to review and sign the UTemp’s timesheet on-time. 

If you are unavailable to approve timesheets, please notify the UTemps office as soon as possible who may be your back-up to approve in your absence.

Please note that approving timesheets on a timely basis is critical so your UTemp may be paid on time.

Overtime and Holiday Work

You aren't required to get prior written permission if you want your UTemp to work more than 40 hours in a workweek (Monday-Friday), but it's a good idea to have at least a verbal understanding of approval between you and your UTemp and to take care of any paperwork that your department requires.

Note: The UTemp may decline to work any hours beyond the previously agreed upon through temp assignment. For example, if you requested for a UTemp to work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and you now want to change the hours to 8-6, the UTemp has the option to agree to the newly proposed work hours or decline your offer.

You can request that your UTemp work on a recognized holiday as long as you both agree to the arrangement. In such an instance, a UTemp will be paid straight time (no additional pay) unless it involves overtime.

Time Off

Like a permanent employee, your UTemp should notify you in advance if they want time off for anything that isn't an emergency. Any time your UTemp takes off is without pay, whether it’s for doctor's appointments or job interviews. With your consent, your UTemp may make up any work hours that they miss.

Changing Hours, Responsibility and Pay

If your UTemp is currently working half time and you need to increase the hours, just make arrangements with your UTemp and notify the UTemps office of the change so that the appointment may be adjusted. If you are interested in increasing your UTemp's responsibilities and hourly rate of pay, both of you should agree on the change in job description duties and pay rate and then contact the UTemps office and provide the required information.

How to End a UTemp Assignment

Ending an Assignment

UTemps are not required to give two weeks’ notice before ending their assignments, but the UTemps office instructs them to give two working days' notice in the event that they’ll be unable to complete their assignments with you. If you learn that UTemps will be unable to complete their assignments, you should contact the UTemps office for assistance in meeting your staffing needs. You don’t need to keep UTemps for the entire length of their assignments with you, so you’re allowed to end a UTemp assignment at any time and for any reason.

Complete a UTemps Performance Evaluation

Managers must complete a performance evaluation (EID required) for UTemps with assignments that are longer than three days and must return the UTemps Performance Evaluation Form (EID required) to the UTemps office within three days of when your UTemp's assignment expires.

Note: Failure to submit a performance evaluation (EID required) for your UTemp will delay their placement in future assignments.

How to Hire a UTemp Permanently

Unlike staff from many private employment agencies, UTemps are eligible to apply for a long-term job with you. If you’re currently trying to fill new or vacant positions, you should encourage your UTemps to apply if you feel they would be a good fit for the positions. The one exception when UTemps wouldn't be eligible to apply for your position would be when you are recruiting for departmental or university-wide positions, which are not open to the public or UTemps.

If you decide to permanently hire a UTemp, there must be a break in service prior to the date of hire. The break in service must be a work day. Holidays and weekends are not included.