UT Talent Acquisition - SmartHire and UTemps


  • Overview — SmartHire is an internal high-touch, high impact recruitment and selection services for leadership and hard to fill positions
    • Advertise Accurately — To attract and hire great people, you first need to offer great jobs, starting with impactful job descriptions.
    • Search Strategically — The best people need to be attracted in, NOT weeded out! Go beyond the obvious places by engaging in multichannel marketing avenues.
    • Interview Efficiently — The best predictor of future job performance is past job performance. Assess what candidates can DO with what they have--experiences, competencies and education--by asking the right questions.
  • Contact Us – Click the link to complete our on-boarding questionnaire.


  • Overview — UTemps is the university's cost-effective, temporary staffing services
  • Temp to Hire Program – Offers the ability to hire a UTemp and move them into a permanent position
  • UT Staff Temp to Hire – Offered to departments who value previous university experience and choose to fill a position within their organization with a current university employee who is expected to be laid off.
  • How to Hire and Manage a UTemp – Learn how your department can take advantage of our program.